Top 10 Awesome Android Apps For Bloggers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON August 3rd, 2022

Awesome Android Apps for Bloggers

Blogging is no longer a hobby only. Many bloggers are earning well from it and probably all the bloggers know the value of keeping the blog updated. In the busy schedule of daily life, it is now very difficult for one to keep posting content by sitting in front of his/her desktop. Android mobiles are growing tremendously and you may also be using an Android-based mobile as well. If you want to know about some really awesome Android apps for bloggers then you are at the right place:


1. WordPress

As WordPress is mostly used by all bloggers so this app will be liked by many bloggers. This app allows you to post content and save drafts while on the go.

The best use of this app is that we can easily note down and save article ideas and titles that we meet in our daily happenings.


2. Blogger

Blogger is the best blogging platform that enables newbies to start their free blog. So blogger client for Android is also a useful Android app.

The blogger client for Android is not as powerful as the desktop one but yet we can make new posts through it.


3. Facebook

Facebook is one of the best sources of traffic for bloggers. So having this app on your Android device will allow you to share your blog posts with your friends easily.


4. Hootsuite

If any blogger needs a good rank on his/her website then involvement and activity in social media is highly required. All these needs can be fulfilled by the Hootsuite Android app, which will allow you to share your blog posts in various ever-growing social media sites.


5. Twidroyd

It is the best Twitter app for Android so far.It is a must-have app for bloggers as they can use it and tweet about their blog posts easily and can inform their followers about their fresh content.

Many bloggers are using it and getting benefits from it.


6. Moby

It allows you to share text, videos, and audio with other users on the major social networking sites and blogging services as well.


7. YouTube

By using this app you can browse billions of videos while on the go and thus can post new ideas and can better understand any topic.


8. Google Analytics

Keeping the track of visitors and popular pages is one of the most important tasks for any blogger and the Google Analytics App for Blogger makes it easier and provides the stats while on the go.


9. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser provides you with rich internet usage. You can access large websites with all the features like Flash, Videos, etc. Actually, this browser gives you the same features as a desktop browser does.


10. Skype

Skype allows you to have text and video chat with your friends. By using this app you can stay in touch with other bloggers and can share your blogging experience with them.

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