Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Articles

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 28th, 2019

Tips For Writing SEO Optimized Articles

If you think compiling a few sentences with some writing skills is enough for you to craft an SEO optimized article – think again. It may be easy to say but it is never that simple to do. There are a few things you need to know about SEO beforehand. Like what is Search Engine Optimization and what does it mean by on-page SEO, off-page SEO, sitewide SEO, etc, only then you would be able to improve the search engine rankings of your keywords. Here we discuss in detail some great beginner tips for writing SEO optimized articles:

Search engines use advanced algorithms to generate search results after an extremely complex comparison between various indexed web pages. Nowadays, webmasters are taking advantage of article marketing to help them in accomplishing their SEO goals. They do this by submitting SEO optimized articles with links to their pages to article directories and various other blogs (through guest posting).

Good search engine rankings depend on the content of the site, and the links. Having the keywords you want to rank for on your site and in your links is important. The keywords can either come in the form of words or phrases frequently used.

Above all, here are some things you need to consider when writing SEO optimized articles:


Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing keywords in an article is a mistake writers sometimes make. Repeating the same keyword in almost every sentence is something you should avoid. Stuffing your articles with keywords is never a good idea. These will cause your sentences to look artificial and sometimes sentences wouldn’t make any sense at all.

Nowadays, search engines filter out unwanted content. Their advanced algorithms are frequently updated. This makes it easier for them to filter out irrelevant material.

Overstuffing keywords will not make it any easier for your pages to move up the search engine rankings. Always keep keyword density of a particular keyword in an article between 0.1% – 2% and make sure you use your keyword in image “alt” attribute and H1, H2 and H3 headings properly.


Do Some Research

Submitting content to an article directory or weblog requires more than you think. Your content should be written based on your knowledge, or using reliable sources. It is important to mention your sources as they will help you prove the articles you write are trustworthy.

Content that is not informative or overly promotional will not be trusted. This will result in your articles being removed almost immediately.

It is also necessary that you do some basic keyword research before choosing a keyword using some keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner.

There is no point in ranking for a keyword in search results that don’t have much search volume. Always go for a keyword that has high search volume and low competition. The lowest acceptable figure for a keyword should be no less than 200 global searches per month.


Content Makes SEO Optimized Articles

While writing SEO optimized articles to drive traffic through increased search engine rankings, you should try maximum to write something really interesting and tightly related to the niche of your site.

Doing so will push visitors to the article directories and weblogs you submitted your articles to, to visit your site through the links you have provided more often.