Tim Cook More Popular Than Steve Jobs – According to the Employees

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 6th, 2019

Tim Cook More Popular Than Steve Jobs - According to the Employees

Looks like Tim Cook is really getting popular among Apple employees. The Cupertino company is enjoying such a tremendous run of success with their mobile and Mac products and with the introduction of the New iPad their stock price has boomed in recent weeks, but that doesn’t mean that the position of CEO doesn’t come with its fair share of stress. One could imagine that being the CEO of Apple is a really tough job at the moment, but apart from being tough, it is also the most rewarding position currently.

Tim Cook has been in a full-time CEO position for the last seven months, and it looks like employees are really happy with him. According to the polls, Tim Cook has a staggering 97% approval rating from his employees which shows how much faith they have in him. The story does not end here, the same source shows that Steve Jobs had a 95% approval rating this time last year, putting Cook ahead of him by a small but significant 2%. This 2% has put Tim Cook at the top of the list containing the highest rated CEOs of this year.


Image Source: glassdoor

Many experts believed that it would be really difficult for Tim Cook to take place of the much-adored Steve Jobs, especially considering the love which he had for the company, but time has proved many experts wrong. Tim Cook has proved out to be an important asset for the company. The way he is leading the company assures that there is nothing impossible.

Currently, Tim Cook is leading the company ideally and the people in Apple Inc. consider themselves to be blessed with the best management team anywhere. Let’s see what more time brings to the Cupertino company.