Things to Teach Your Daughter Before She Goes to College

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 22nd, 2019

Things to Teach Your Daughter Before She Goes to College

There are many things that you should teach your daughter when she starts growing up. And, there are some specific things to teach your daughter before she goes to college:

1. Teach your daughter that it’s ok to age. Plastic surgery has become so popular that most girls consider getting it done. Teach her that getting too much plastic surgery will make her look like a clown―and no one wants that.

2. Teach your daughter not to be afraid of failing. Failing is a part of life. If no one failed, there would be nothing to work towards. Teach  her that it’s ok to fail and not to beat herself up about it. Teach her to move on and do even better when faced with failure.

3. Teach your daughter that she can get loud. Let her know that women do get angry. Don’t teach her that she should hold it in. Tell her to get her emotions out.

4. Teach her never to send objectionable photos―in any format. Teach her that sending objectionable photos is not only very tacky, it will also always come back to bite her. Tell her that no matter how much she likes a boy, or wants to be popular, an objectionable photo is only going to hinder her.

5. Teach your daughter about the men that she should avoid. Teach your daughter that there are some men that are better to just avoid. If her father might be one of them, teach her the mistakes that you made. You don’t want her repeating the mistakes that you made. Tell her that it’s better to be alone than to be with someone that doesn’t deserve her.

6. Teach your daughter that stealing her best friends boyfriend or even crush, is never a good move. Teach her at a young age that men will come and go, but best friends won’t. If she values her friendships with her girlfriends, her relationships with men will be healthier.

7. Teach your daughter to cover her body up. Teach your daughter that she always needs to wear the right amount of clothing to cover up herself. Tell her that people that walk around with their underwear hanging out are not respected.

Girls are easily influenced, and as her parent, you want to make sure that she is learning the best. Teach her these things so she can become a woman that she (and you) is proud of.