The Weirdest Apps for Your Phone

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 12th, 2019

Weirdest Apps for Your Phone

When most of us started using apps, we were probably looking for things to make life that bit easier: maybe a fun game to make those train journeys to work go a bit faster, or an app to make finding and booking flights easier than searching the web on a small screen. But then the inevitable happened, or it seems that way now, at least: the app store grew. And as it grew, so did the number, scope, and imaginative nature of the apps available. And it’s now at the stage where, while you won’t find absolutely everything under the sun in there, you’ll still find apps that make you stop in your tracks. Here is a short guide to some of the weirdest apps for your phone. You can enjoy these weird mobile apps on either Android or iOS devices.:


Did I Close the Door? (iOS)

Iphone App

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That’s right. When you’re on autopilot, it’s easy to forget you’ve locked the front door. Then when you get upstairs and are about to go to bed, you can’t quite remember if you locked it or not.

That’s where this little beauty of an app comes in. Especially handy, this, for those of us with a mild form of OCD. Essentially it’s a checklist – and other important things like leaving water out for the cat or setting the alarm for the morning can be included too.


Lie Detector (Android)

Lie Detector

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For those little moments in life when you just have to find out if someone’s telling porky pies – or otherwise! Quite whether your nearest and dearest will consent to your using a smartphone app to test the veracity of their statements is probably uncertain. But if all else fails you can use it on yourself to test the results.

In our test, the Lie Detector worked surprisingly well. When we tested it with the phrase “my cat is the king of the moon” it proved gullible. Having said that, though … for more, ahem, ‘emotionally loaded’ statements, we found its accuracy was between about 75 to 85 percent.


War Sounds (Android)

War Sounds

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According to the blurb, this one lets you ‘Scare your friends! Honor your elders!’ and (perhaps a surprising claim, this) ‘get the girl!’ -depending on your smartphone’s loudspeaker, though, what you may just end up with is a load of noise rather than an authentic surround sound full-on Hollywood movie explosion fest. It is free, though.


Paranormal State EMF Meter (iOS)

iPhone app

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Ever get the feeling there’s an otherworldly presence in the area? This app turns your iPhone into a ‘simulated EMF (electromagnetic field) meter’. Handy for those times you’re in a location famous for hauntings, or if you’re in the mood for a bit of spookiness – say, at a Halloween party. We’re assuming that this app is for entertainment purposes only, though, and not for professional Ghostbusters.

Yes, it’s fair to say that if you want to hunt down ghosts, recreate war movie sound effects, test the truth of what someone is saying, or remember to lock the garage door … there’s an app for that.


We look forward to seeing more weird and wonderful apps appear as the app market continues to grow into one of the most varied and interesting retail markets in the world.