The Sacred Order of Geeks [Infographics]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2014

the sacred order of geeks

Whether they are roaming Macbook stores, excelling in online video games or designing the latest Linux software programs, geeks will forever hold a special place in the soul of pop culture. Without all of the different types of geeks in this world, we would have no one to inspire us to embrace our inner awkwardness or super intelligence.

Geeks have a style that is all their own. They find nothing odd about wearing oxfords with shorts or knowing every bit of trivia that appears on Jeopardy. Geeks also embrace different forms of intelligence. The Star Wars Geek knows everything there is to know about faraway galaxies and meets up regularly with other Trekkie geeks.

The Pop Culture Geek can tell you every bit of history on the Kardashians or Lindsay Lohan‘s recent jail debacles. Geeks are not afraid to embrace what they love, whether it is through their clothing or the books they read.

This is precisely why we love geeks!

Infographic Source: Best Colleges Online