The Power of Technology Behind Real Superheroes [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

Real Superheroes

There is more to superhero powers than you think. A superhero and its abilities have inspired not only ordinary people to become real-life superheroes but have also inspired the world to develop more advanced gadgets that can help save lives. Have you ever wondered what these real superheroes will be capable of? The infographic featured today firstly looks at the real power of superheroes and how human beings can participate in Parkour training in order to develop their human abilities. It also looks at how the U.S. government has invested time and money to develop Iron Man soldiers and Exoskeletons and how such technological advancements are beneficial to the real world. 

Furthermore, it is not only the military that is getting benefit from such technologies, but gadgets are also advancing too, with more Batman-like gadgets and superhero clothing we may soon look and do things like real superheroes. It is great to see the use of the superhero power of technology for people with disabilities. Thanks to technologies developed to transform an ordinary person into a superhero kind of thing, countless people with amputees are running faster than even the Flash from DC Comics.

It will also quite interesting to analyze the evolution and future use of these superhero technologies – as Peter Parker (Spiderman) would have said: “with great power comes great responsibility”!

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