The Most Popular WordPress Premium Themes [Infographic]

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON July 31st, 2023
The Most Popular WordPress Premium Themes

WordPress is a free open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is widely adopted throughout the world for creating and maintaining various types of blogs and websites. Based on MySQL and PHP, WordPress has many attractive features such as thousands of free themes and powerful plugins that set it apart from other blogging platforms like Blogger and Joomla. The creative template system and a unique plugin architecture offer numerous opportunities for bloggers to express themselves in the most effective way possible. Presently, WordPress is the most sought-after CMS in the world and powers around 60 million websites.

A template processor is used by WordPress for enabling the web-based template system. The ‘themes’ can be transferred or switched between one another after installation. One great advantage of using WordPress themes or templates is that users can easily alter the appearance and functionality of a website, without in any way affecting the structure, content, or information on the site. FTP may be used to upload theme folders or alternatively, the WordPress administration tool called “Appearance” can be used to install themes. To customize more advanced versions of themes, the HTML and PHP codes can easily be edited by even an amateur programmer. A huge number of WordPress themes can be found on the web; although quite a few are free users may have to pay for some premium themes.

With the availability of thousands of independent WordPress plugins, WordPress offers immense options to users to explore possibilities much beyond what the features would ordinarily prompt. It has more than twenty-two thousand plugins that can perform tasks ranging from SEO to Database optimization.

When users have these many options, it is quite simple for them to make their own blog as original and creative as possible. WordPress customization is therefore not a challenge at all. Smartphones have WordPress applications too. Over the years, WordPress has won several open-source CMS awards also.

In the past few years, several powerful WordPress premium themes have been introduced. These are premium themes that users have to buy but they are well worth the money. Some of them can really help improve your site both aesthetically and behind the scenes. Generatepress can help speed up your site, making it much nicer for your visitors to use.  Some very popular premium themes are ‘Expression’ – meant specially for professionals in the creative field like photographers, designers, etc. ‘PlusGrid’ is another one – which is meant for all SEOers across the web.

An exceptionally creative theme is ‘Storm’ – whose Quform plugin gives users numerous opportunities to present their audio and visual work in any form they wish. Another template that photographers will find interesting is the password-protected ‘Digon’ and ‘Agera’.

It provides a shortcode that is customized and is a fascinating tool for web designers. ‘Spaceship’ is for those photographers who intend on using minimal style on their web pages. For business development and other corporate uses, the most appealing themes are – ‘Viewpoint’, ‘Slab-Theme’, and ‘Eunoia’.

Here is a brief infographic that sheds more light on the most popular premium themes for WordPress:

Popular WordPress Premium Themes infographic

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