The Most Hotly Anticipated Album Releases of 2013

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most hotly anticipated album releases of 2013

2013 looks set to be a defining year for music, with many bands reforming and recording music after long periods away from the studio. Many of the world’s biggest names in music will be releasing albums in the next year, but as a little teaser as 2012 ends; we will look at the most hotly anticipated album releases of 2013:


The Stone Roses – The Return Of The Godfathers of Madchester? 

Ever since the announcement of their reunion gigs in 2012, there have been rumors and speculation that a new Stone Roses album will be made. Details are sketchy now as there has been no official word given from the band or their record label, but given that their last album The Second Coming came out in 1994, it is easy to see why there is so much excitement surrounding the prospect of new material.

The Stone Roses are one of the most influential bands of the Madchester movement during the late ’80s and early 90’s that fused acid house rhythms with indie guitar sounds.


Detroit’s Finest Set To Return With Follow-up To Recovery

Since early 2012, there have been rumors that Detroit rapper Eminem will be releasing a new solo album in 2013. The release of a new hat by Eminem appears to confirm the rumors. The Eminem Tribute Baseball Champ Hat features a list of the release years of Slim Shady’s albums from 1996 all the way to 2013. There has not been a lot confirmed about the release, although American producer NO I.D. told spoke to MTV News in September that he has spoken to Eminem and they have agreed to work together.

There is also a great sense of anticipation when a new Eminem album is coming out, with fans and critics wondering what he is going to say or do next and this is no different with album number eight.


Legendary Metal Forefathers Return!

In 2011, there was exciting news that Black Sabbath in its original form was going to reform and record a brand new album. Through 2012 there have been numerous setbacks, including guitarist Tony Iommi’s chemotherapy and drummer Bill Ward’s dispute over his contract.

Nevertheless, Iommi continued to write songs with the rest of the band through his cancer treatment and by June, Ozzy had stated that they had already written 15 songs. Soon after they played at Lollapalooza, they headed into the studio, so it seems that a 2013 release is very likely indeed.

Tony Iommi announced that Bill Ward would not be appearing on the album, as he has not agreed upon a contract. It will be the first Black Sabbath album to feature Ozzy Osbourne on lead vocals since 1978’s Never Say Die! Therefore, it is easy to see why there is so much hype surrounding it.


Kings Of Harmony Set To Follow Success Of 2012 Album

In 2012, That’s Why God Made the Radio was released. It marked the Beach Boy’s 50th anniversary and was the first to feature the original line-up, minus Carl Wilson and have new material since Summer In Paradise. It also marked the return of guitarist and backing singer David Marks since Little Deuce Coupe in 1963. Following the success of the album and the related touring, Brian Wilson had stated he was keen to participate in another album, with a slightly harder and more rock n roll edge.

Soon after Wilson’s comments Mike Love said in an interview that there was the talk of another Grammy performance in 2013 and that they would definitely be returning to the studio once their reunion concert commitments were out of the way. According to Love, producer Joe Thomas and Wilson had more than 80 hours of music recorded from when Wilson was working on Imagination in 1998.


Biffy Confirm Release Of Conceptual Double Album

The Scottish rockers are set to release their sixth studio album on 28th January 2013. Opposites is a double album, with the two discs each having a separate title – The Land at the End of Our Toes and The Sand at the Core of Our Bones. Frontman Simon Neil has stated that it will be a concept album about a fork in the road, with one disc being about the right way to go and the second disc being about the wrong way to go.

As a teaser for the release, Stingin’ Belle from the album was available as a single during July 2012. The band’s breakthrough album Puzzle saw the three-piece reaching a wider audience and 2010’s Only Revolutions only cemented their status as a mainstream rock group, so there is a lot of hype with fans eager to see if the band can deliver yet again!


Homme And Gang Return After 6 Year Absence

It has been 6 years since QOTSA released Era Vulgaris. Since 2008, there has been talking and speculation of the follow-up. Between that time and now, however, there has been much to delay its progress, with frontman Josh Homme’s family commitments and supergroup side project Them Crooked Vultures.

Other members of the band have also been working on other projects during the downtime, but in August 2012, the band announced via their Facebook status update that they had begun recording the album.

In November 2012, Homme told BBC Radio 1, that drummer Joey Castillo had left the band and that Dave Grohl would play drums on the new album. Although details of the album are limited, Homme has mentioned, “robots are back.”

There you have it, six of the most anticipated album releases of 2013. There are many other rumored and planned big releases throughout the year. However, we are most excited about these albums. Though only time will tell if they live up to the hype!