The High Cost of Driving Under Influence [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 15th, 2019

Driving Under the Influence DUI

There is never a good time to drink and drive. There is a high chance you get pulled over and end up in need of a criminal lawyer. Although it may sound cool to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs as many celebs are arrested and fined every now and then for DUI, no matter how macho it may feel, according to the statistics the chances of ending up in a pretty bad situation are quite high. According to the stats of NHTSA, 40% of fatal crashes involve alcohol and between midnight and 3 am in the morning the percentage rises to a staggering 76%. And that’s not all, each year alcohol-related accidents cost more than $50 billion dollars to the public (along with irreplaceable loss of life).

In a recent infographic centered around the high cost of driving under influence, Criminal Justice Degree Schools have tried to aware the general public about the extremely high costs attached to drunk driving. The stats are really concerning and clearly indicate that people have forgotten the very well established fact that car accidents are the most common and most deadly source of personal injury in the world.

Have a look at this synoptic infographic that might help you change your mind next time you decide to drive under the influence of alcohol (you can click the image for an enlarged version):

The High Cost of Driving Under Influence infographic