The Evolution Of Online Car Portals Of Pakistan

POSTED BY Nadeem Khan, UPDATED ON September 22nd, 2023
The Evolution of Online Car Portals of Pakistan

The advent of the 1990s resulted in the widespread use of desktop computers and the internet in Pakistan. These two together changed the way in which Pakistanis used web services. From searching for information, keeping in touch with family and relatives, and reviewing products online, everything has been made as easy as clicking one mouse button ever since. Here today we will discuss the evolution of online car portals in Pakistan and the latest developments in that particular niche:


Internet Usage; From Online Marketing to Online Portals

Initially, the internet served as a medium of marketing for companies. Whether they were in the fashion industry, food, banking, electronic appliances, jewelry, or home decor they could catalog and advertise their products electronically on the internet. This led to the idea of creating an online space where a user could find everything relating to a particular product category.

A car portal is a website where news regarding new models, expert reviews, results from first-drive tests, consumer reviews, blogs, wallpapers, manufacturer profiles, and much more is published together on one website. These are mostly for automobile enthusiasts as this is one place where they can all converge together and discuss the latest developments whether it is a new car model, a video game, or a motor show.

Online automotive portals have been around in many countries for some time now. Surprisingly, even Myanmar, one of the countries with the lowest internet penetration rate has its car portal,

Automotive portals are designed to provide their visitors with unique insights into the latest happenings of the vehicle world. Interviews with the who’s who of the automobile world, news regarding related parts like wheels, new advancements in vehicle engineering, and engine technologies make these spaces engaging for the car buff and at the same time contain invaluable information for the novice.


Car Portals in Pakistan

In this day and age, car portals are not new to Pakistan. The first one has been around since 2003 and caters specifically to the Pakistani market. News relating to buying and selling of old or new vehicles, consumer discussion forums, blogs, upcoming models, new car comparisons, best-selling models, featured parts and accessories, automotive news, expert reviews, and tips on various topics from maintenance to spare parts are all provided.

However, many vehicle portals’ lack of interesting content development resulted in these not becoming more than simple online listings of new and used cars available for sale. Easy navigation and up-to-date content are core ingredients needed for making these portals popular and attracting traffic.

Portals in Pakistan focus more on listing vehicles available for sale, together with vehicle descriptions, pricing, and conditions. There is an effort to change this trend with a brand new and highly polished, Carmudi pk which is developing an online journal in addition to its vehicle trade tab. Interesting content development and useful insights on landing pages give something more to the user than just the vehicle’s name and make.

There is no doubt that car portals are here to stay, whether they reach the popularity and reputation enjoyed by international ones is yet to be seen.

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