The Complete American James Bond Roundup

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 11th, 2019

Raymond Davis round up

Lahore, which is a city full of life and cultural beauty in Pakistan, was going on a smooth and peaceful track of Life but a day came when all of the sudden sad news spread like wild-fire:

“An American named ‘Raymond Davis’ shot dead two Pakistanis.”



The crime was committed in a populated area called “Mazang Chungi”, infamous for traditional food, and was witnessed by dozens of people. Both men were going on a bike as they were shot by Raymond Davis from his car.

Raymond was accompanied by two more Americans who escaped and during their escape killed another man named “Ibad-ur-Rehman” (ran over by their car).

Raymond Davis was caught red-handed and there was no escape for him to deny, that’s why he didn’t but tried to present the situation as self-defense.


Was it Self Defense?

Investigation revealed that murders were Non-defensive in nature.

Law Minister of Punjab Government PML (N) Rana Sanaullah told media that it’s not self-defense because:

  • There were no prints of Pakistanis which prove that Pakistanis tried to open the car or smash the glass of the door.
  • Tests show that they were fired from behind and at a distance of about 10-20 meters.
  • They were killed with more than 4-5 bullets each.


The American ‘JAMES BOND’ Debate

After confirmation from the American officials that he wasn’t a diplomat and:

“was part of a covert, C.I.A. led team collecting intelligence and conducting surveillance on militant groups deep inside the country ” (the typical James Bond stuff)

new doors to various questions and debates have opened:

  • Why he had a high-resolution camera with Pictures of Sensitive Areas?
  • What was he doing with Long-Range Transmitters and Classified Maps?
  • Who is he in reality (as Americans may be telling another lie)?
  • What was his Real Motive and Mission?
  • Why drone attacks have stopped all of a sudden?
  • Why even President of USA is himself looking into the matter?
  • Was it CIA Vs ISI? (the two dead Pakistanis might have been intelligence personnel)
  • How many more James Bond is there in Pakistan & what was ISI doing when they were pouring in?
  • Is he the Treasure of Secrets for ISI and has info related to what’s been happening in Pakistan?
  • Why have Americans been complaining always about less number of Visas ( less than what they have been demanding) being issued?
  • Was he the key figure in the chain of command directing Drone Attacks?
  • Was he sabotaging Pakistan’s nuclear weapons?
  • Was America caught red-handed stabbing her own so-called strategic partner?
  • Why is U.S. threatening to cut off relations with Pakistan for just a single person whose been a part of a covert C.I.A. led team information gathering mission(as per the USA)?
  • Who were the other two Americans and where did they go (surely not to Bermuda triangle)?
  • Did he have any part to play in the terrorist attacks which struck Pakistan?
  • Is the CIA right now trying its level best to eliminate their ill-fated James Bond?
  • Is there any connection between the killing of ISI’s Colonel Imam (23rd January) and James Bond’s case (26th January)?
  • Why is the Govt not speaking up and simply referring the matter to Judiciary after failed initial attempts to free him?
  • Is it possible to exchange Dr. Aafia Siddiqui and other innocent Pakistanis held in American custody with 007 (Raymond Davis)?

Answers to these and a lot of other questions are difficult to determine at this stage but certain things are clear:

  • Now there is no escape for the American James Bond.
  • Pakistan has the upper hand.
  • It’s a jackpot for Pakistani Intelligence agencies.
  • It’s a wake-up call for the CIA.
  • The matter is going to stay for quite some time.
  • There is definitely something seriously fishy.