The Clash Of The Titans: WordPress Versus Joomla

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 4th, 2023
The Clash of the Titans: Wordpress Versus Joomla

If you are running a website or planning to launch one, then you would probably look for some of the best CMS (Content Management Systems) that are offered in the present market. WordPress and Joomla are two of the well-known content management systems that are deployed by most website owners to add and manage the content of their respective websites.

In the following sections, we would like a draw a comparative analysis of WordPress Vs Joomla. Most of the blogs in the world use WordPress CMS while most of the websites in the world use Joomla CMS.

Both these services give their maximum performance for self-hosted domains, instead of free hosting. Just read through, and choose the one that you think would suit your requirements the most.


Why WordPress

WordPress is fairly simple to handle and use; anyone can see it as a normal blog or as a website. It consists of fixed posts, pages, and categories. But, with the help of several additional plug-ins, you can extend its functionality, and allow it to expand as big and complex as you wish.

Not all plug-ins are simple to realize and handle; so it is advisable to have a skilled web developer to take care of any emergencies. WordPress Self-Hosted blog is a true legend and there are many trusted WordPress hosting services available.


Why Joomla

Joomla, on the other hand, is pretty complex, which is generally considered its key strength. Sections in sections, deep-level navigation, and categories are all included under this CMS.

It has permanent posts and pages. Posts are great for community sites, but they could be used to create a regular site, which is commonly considered overkill. The websites or e-commerce sites using Joomla CMS work like a skyrocket and you are suggested to opt for the best Joomla hosting services instead of relying on free hosting services.


Merits of WordPress and Joomla

In the present section, let’s discuss some of the chief merits related to both these Content Management Systems. First, we would like to discuss WordPress in detail.


Highlights of WordPress CMS

  • It is regarded as the basic blogging platform, which offers several additional types of plug-ins.
  • All extra plug-ins provided with this CMS are flexible, which provides an exceptional opportunity to create quality websites for its users.
  • It offers several advantages to all those who utilize non-blog websites.
  • It also consists of several other key options including blogs, web magazines, art gallery websites, and many product review sites as well.
  • Presently, it even offers some e-commerce plugins, which could be used to provide great fundamentals in the segment of e-commerce websites and community interaction.


Noteworthy Features of Joomla CMS

  • It exploits MySQL as its main database, which is utilized to set up modules including polls, calendars, etc.
  • Even this CMS offers different plugins and thereby adds options, which are the main reason for it to be called the best option for developing personal business sites, but not community sites.
  • It is generally used on magazines kind of websites, where there will be less interaction.
  • The installation procedure is easy, and it is perfect to utilize.
  • Once deployed, then it could be utilized by a large array of extensions.


Demerits of WordPress and Joomla

In WordPress, both adding and removing post dates should be done only in design mode, and it demands WP scripting skills. The layout template selected usually determines the navigation structure, and again modifying that structure requires both CSS and WP scripting skills.

But, with Joomla CMS, you won’t face this particular problem as all menus are managed through a control panel and various attributes including author name and date that can be easily turned on/off per article or even for the entire website in just one go. In this particular sense, Joomla is a much better CMS than WordPress.

The notable problem faced with Joomla is that its core system is extremely complex, which requires plenty of sources from the server. So, if you add some fancy additional plug-ins, without tweaking the databases for better performance, then there will be chances for site breakdown if 50,000 visitors arrive at your website a day.



The choice between these two content management systems entirely depends on the need of your site and also on the web development and design skills that you possess.

Because of its simplicity, for beginners, we would like to suggest WordPress in the first place, as it is much less complex when compared to Joomla.

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