The Best Android Apps for SEO

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Best Android Apps for SEO

Just like iPhones, Android smartphones are today used for much more than merely making calls or sending text messages. Running a website or blog over a mobile device such as an Android smartphone has become fairly common these days, and this is why it is important to talk about the connection between Android smartphones and Search Engine Optimization. Namely, if you are using your smartphone to run an online store or a blog, you will have to take care of every aspect related to running a website of this kind. Furthermore, one of the most important aspects of running a website and generating any income from it is indeed getting the website ranked high in search engine results. Here we list the best Android apps for SEO:




Ranking Well in SERPs and SEO are Inseparable

If you want your website to rank well for a certain keyword, you will have to do a lot in terms of SEO, and this consequentially means that SEO should be on the top of your to-do list when it comes to running a successful and popular online store or blog for instance. Once the concept of SEO is fully explained, it becomes clear just how integral it is to the success of your site’s SEO.



Additionally, if you are planning on doing most or even only some of the work through your Android smartphone, the first thing to think about is Android apps that will help you with your SEO efforts.


Best Android Apps for Search Engine Optimization

Here will be given a shortlist of some of the best Android apps that will greatly help you use SEO in all your web content:

  • WebRank SEO – This free Android app will help you monitor your website’s rank on the World Wide Web by giving you info about your site’s Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank, it also tells you how many backlinks you have.
  • SEO SERP Tracker – This is yet another free app for Android users that will allow you to see how your website or your individual web pages rank for certain keywords you are targeting. However, it is important to note that it only gives global results, as local region searches are not yet an option with SEO SERP Tracker. Another important thing to mention is the fact that this app works best with US websites, so if you are not living in the States you would probably be better off finding another app.
  • SEO Automatic – This app costs $9, and many people have commented that the comments given by the app are a little outdated and often pretty much useless. However, it always pays off to try the trial version and see if it suits your needs.




Everybody Uses Android SEO Apps – What Are You Waiting For?

More and more people are turning to smartphone apps, be it apps for Android or iPhones, and the app market is slowly but steadily gaining in popularity as well as importance. There is an app for everything and anything, and Search Engine Optimization is not an exception to this rule. So, go on and start looking for the perfect SEO app for your Android phone!


  1. Tom says:

    You should definitely check SEO SERP APP. It is one of the best and my favourite app. It has serp tracking, some useful statistics and web health checker.

  2. shendison says:

    Thanks for the mention of our SEO Automatic app, and I just thought i’d point out that the outdated information has now been replaced. (Sheesh, time flies, and things change all the time, but this stuff WAS pretty old – I’m embarrassed! )

    Also, there’s no difference between the paid and free apps, aside from being able to email the report, so the free version is pretty decent.

    Thanks again for the mention…

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