The Advantages of Hiring an Organic SEO Expert for Your Website

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 27th, 2014

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In the early days of SEO, the general feeling was that there was no need for a specialist to be called in for incorporating SEO into your site if you were a small player. That was left to the big guns. Thanks to Google’s constant algorithm updates however, the game has changed. The world of SEO has become complex and fast paced. Techniques that were considered legit just a few months ago are now blacklisted.

Many e-commerce sites and blogs have been very badly affected by Google’s Panda, Penguin and EMD updates. Keeping pace with continual and far reaching changes is a little too much for an online marketer to handle. There are often entire industries that struggle to keep on top of Google’s changes. For example, a law firm would hire someone like to help them improve their SEO as lawyers aren’t usually the most tech savvy. Lots of industries are like this so you would do well with an expert. Here are the advantages you would have by hiring an organic SEO expert for your website:

Proper Execution of Strategies

Business owners may not necessarily be great at implementing the SEO strategies they have come across on the web, though they may understand them. It may be confusing to them as to how best they can actually employ what they have picked up. Imagine going in to perform a surgery after reading a few books!

This is why an expert is needed as they have valuable experience and know what they are doing.

Better Link Development

It is difficult but vital to any business site. Links generate organic traffic, and pump up rankings. Link building involves a lot of stuff like knowing what kind of links are most important to your industry, comparing the links your rivals are receiving, and then formulating a strategy to obtain them.

It is not that as an entrepreneur you will not be able to do this, but it is sure going to take up a lot of your time. It will definitely be a big plus to have someone who’s well versed in this technique in your team.

Latest Tactics

SEO experts, the good ones, dream and live SEO. So you can be sure that if they will be absolutely up to speed with the latest in the industry. They usually think 6 months ahead, so that there will be no major shocks when Google rolls out yet another update (brace yourself for the upcoming ‘Author Rank’).

Even if you learn to implement SEO well or learn how to perform a local seo audit, maintaining the pace may become difficult, especially as your business picks up so hiring someone to do it for you, may be the best option.

Greater Conversion Rate

A good SEO person will know how to convert leads or visits into sales. After all that is the eventual aim. An expert can continuously monitor your site to ensure that it enables conversion.

Experts are skilled in creating great landing pages, supervising keyword trends, analyzing user interaction and understanding conversion funnels, all of which helps in increasing conversion rates.


The best part of having an expert in your team is that they are just a phone call away. Whenever you feel that something is not quite right, or you are confused about targeting part of the content or are unhappy with the search engine results, you can get expert advice from someone who knows what it is all about.