Tests Prove Samsung Galaxy Nexus Better Than iPhone 4S

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 5th, 2019

Tests Prove Samsung Galaxy Nexus Better Than iPhone 4S

Not long after the announcement of the curved-screen smartphone by Samsung, the benchmarks and comparisons have already started making their way onto the web. Though Samsung Galaxy Nexus S is the first smartphone to feature all Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) was thought to be a hit, no one thought that it would be at Apple’s latest iPhone 4S right off the charts in most of the tests. The yet to be launched smartphone has aced in almost all the comparisons between it and others on the market.

These early benchmarks of the Galaxy Nexus have shown it to be the first Android phone that can outperform an iPhone 4S on the web. The tests performed by AnandTech, which scrutinize a device in key areas, scoring points depending on capabilities, show that Google’s late addition of dual-core processor support gave the phone the edge over Apple both in the SunSpider JavaScript test and Rightware’s BrowserMark.

The securing of the top position in almost all the tests can surely be attributed to the Ice Cream Sandwich as opposed to the device itself.

Though Samsung Galaxy Nexus tops in most of the comparisons still iPhone has shown its potential in the OpenGL test with its dual-core A5 chip. However, in terms of screen quality, speed, and design, these two phones are clearly the very upper crust of the mobile world but when it comes to comparing an iPhone with an Android phone, it’s very wrong to compare just the specifications. As you can see from the tests sometimes high speeds can be beaten by a nice OS.

Moreover what really matters is the end-user experience. Let’s just hope the wait isn’t much longer before we can get feedback on the user experience of the Galaxy Nexus.  Apple has managed to wow users with iOS 5 and Siri on iPhone 4S. Google too has managed to give the much-needed push to the UI of Android with Ice-creamSandwich. Let’s see what the user experience comparison beholds.