Temple Run 2 Becomes The Fastest Downloaded Game Ever

POSTED BY Waleed Ahmed Kisana, UPDATED ON March 24th, 2023
Temple Run 2 Becomes the Fastest Downloaded Game Ever

Temple Run 2 has now become the fastest-downloaded mobile game ever with over 50 million downloads in just a fortnight. Previously the prestigious title of the fastest-downloaded mobile game was Rovio’s Angry Birds Space which surpassed the 50 million downloads mark in 35 days.

This Thursday, Developers from Imangi Studios proudly announced the success story of their game and told the press that since the release of Temple Run 2 two weeks ago, it has been collectively downloaded over 50 million times on Apple, Android, and Kindle devices.

On the very first day of its launch on the Apple store on 17th January 2013, it quickly rose to the number 1 slot in the Free Apps category of the iTunes app store and garnered more than 6 million downloads within the next 24 hours. It also rose to the number one slot in the Google Play store and Amazon app store when it was later released on these platforms.

Surpassing the 50 million downloads mark for TR 2 within the span of just two weeks is no less than a feat by any given standard. If we analyze these download stats in further depth, the figures are simply outstanding – the game has seen 3.85 million downloads a day, 160,000 downloads an hour, 2,671 downloads a minute, and 45 downloads every second.

The download stats of the original Temple Run, which was released back in 2011, are equally impressive as it has now been downloaded almost 170 million times. Given the awesome response to Temple Run 2, hopefully, it will surpass the downloads of the original title within a much shorter time span.

Among the Imangi Studio team, nobody seemed to be more surprised and amazed by the response to the game than Keith Shepherd, the co-founder of Imangi, who said:

“Temple Run has evolved into something so much bigger than us. The game has performed beyond our wildest dreams, and we are thrilled that gamers and fans have embraced Temple Run 2 in such a short period of time.”

The gameplay of Temple Run 2 is almost the same as the original Temple Run but features an increased difficulty level with additional hurdles and cool powerups. The user experience in TR 2 is also much smoother and offers quite superior graphics to the previous game.

If you still haven’t tried Temple Run 2 then don’t wait any further and give it a shot today by downloading the title for your respective device from the links provided below (before proceeding any further let us warn you that the game is seriously addicting):


Download Temple Run 2

Download Temple Run 2 for Android.

Download Temple Run 2 for iOS.

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