Spotify to Entirely Revamp its Android App


revamped spotify android app

Popular music streaming company, Spotify is on fire nowadays. A few days ago the company announced its advertisement partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies, and now it has announced that it would be completely revamping its app for Android platform. Spotify is currently being used by over 10 million users worldwide. It has a mechanism similar to the iTunes (i.e. a desktop music streaming software and a mobile app for downloading the music on the go).

Spotify’s app for iPhone and Windows platform have been working fine now for quite a while but its app for Android has been a real problem. A lot of negative feedback from the Android users was received by the company concerning  various flaws and bugs present in the app. This negative feedback is considered to be the main reason behind the company’s decision to totally revamp its app.

The improved app will feature a new UI with easier navigation and will introduce a feature that will allow the users to check out their friends profile pages. Although right now the full fledged app isn’t available in the Google Play Store but its preview is available for download.

The app will sport a long list of feature which include its full compatibility with the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, artist imagery in high resolution, faster navigation and a related artist view tool (helping you discover many more new artists and tracks than ever before).

Spotify said in a press release:

“That’s not the end of it, We’re working hard on adding further features, including folders and Last FM scrobbling, before the app goes live in Google Play.”

Last week Spotify also launched a free tool for music fans and webmasters to allow them to embed playlists, songs or albums into their websites or blogs. The Spotify Play Button has been designed to give users a way to legally share music online.


Download the Spotify App for Android (Preview Version)