Nokia To Adopt Microsoft Windows Phone 7


Nokia to adopt Microsoft Windows Phone 7

Nokia is now partner with Microsoft on mobile ads and mapping.The company  will adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as its primary smartphone OS, the CEO said on Friday.This was a long awaited decision after days of speculation on what it would do to compete with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android.Nokia’s application and content store will be integrated into Microsoft’s Marketplace.

This makes a lot of sense as Microsoft could really do with a big-hitter to help them fight Google and Apple and Nokia desperately needs an operating system to replace the forever disappointing Symbian.

Before today’s announcement, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had stated that Nokia needed to “decide how we either build, catalyze or join an ecosystem” to change its fortunes. In the end it decided to partner with Microsoft and join the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem.

There are no details yet as to how many phones will be released in 2011 or even when they will be released but the fact that Nokia and Microsoft have joined forces should send out a warning to Apple and Google that they mean business.

We hope that Nokia produces some good smart phones with Windows phone 7 to compete with Google’s android and Apple’s iPhone.What do you think Nokia’s future with windows phone 7 will be like? tell us in comments.