5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for iPhone


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Storage technology has evolved over years from the large floppy disks and diskettes to tiny USB drives. And now, we have entered into the era of clouds where we can store all the necessary data on countless computational servers located in different parts of the world. Cloud storage technology has changed the way of storing and accessing digital files. Additionally, it has introduced a new and advanced way of mobile computing. Cloud storage technology has reduced the computing time, allowed us to access our data from different locations without carrying any storage device, maximized the storage capacity of our mobile devices, and given high level security to our data.

This technology has benefited iPhone users the most, since iPhone implements strict parameters for file sharing. There are several cloud storage apps for iPhone that allow us to store our data via a web service. With the help of these cloud storage apps, we can access our data not only by our iPhone, but also by other internet-enabled computers located in any part of the world. Let us discuss some of the best cloud storage apps for iPhone:



Apple’s iCloud is a freely available cloud storage app that is automatic and effortless. You don’t need to go through any registration or signup process. This app is seamlessly integrated with the iPhone apps; hence, the user can access his content on different devices.

iCloud allows you to store the telephone numbers, email ids, and media files directly to the Cloud from your iPhone. It keeps you updated wherever you go.



SkyDrive is an app from Microsoft Corporation and available for free. You can store your data on SkyDrive and access them virtually from any device. With this iOS app, you can effortlessly access, manage, organize and share your files. Photos and videos can also be uploaded to SkyDrive from the iPhone. SkyDrive offers 7GB of data storage for free (maximum by any cloud storage app).

If you need more than 7GB, you can purchase as much as you want. You can store and access countless Word and Excel files. So, it’s the best option if you mostly deal with Word or Excel files.



Dropbox is one of the oldest and universally known cloud storage apps for iPhone. Dropbox app offers 2GB of data storage for free. However, if your need is more that 2GB, you can subscribe for 50GB at $9.99 per month or 100GB at $20 per month.

In addition to the normal file storing and sharing, it also offers built-in media streaming. Dropbox has become a famous staple and is now used in work offices, schools and homes. Most of the offices use Dropbox for storing email listings and telephone directories.



Box is one of the most attractive and easy-to-use cloud storage apps. It offers 5GB of data storage for free. Its OneCloud ecosystem allows you to annotate or to e-sign docs stored in clouds, which makes it a perfect option for business users.

The files stored in clouds can be wirelessly streamed to a projector or TV over AirPlay. You can also wirelessly print such files via AirPrint. Box is highly reliable for sending files to multiple people, as it allows you to add up to 500 different account users.



Although SugarSync is not as famous as the above mentioned cloud storage apps, it has a strong reason to be preferred by the iPhone users. Unlike most of the cloud storage apps, SugarSync provides offline data access.

It offers 5GB of data storage for free. You can add 30GB at a monthly charge of $4.99 or 60GB at a monthly charge of $9.99.


Google Drive

Probably, Google Drive is one of the most extensive cloud storage services available on the internet. If you are a substantial user of Google Docs and Gmail, Google Drive is a must for your iPhone. Google Drive allows you to view and edit your work from your iPhone.

It offers 5GB of data storage for free. You can expand your storage quota by paying a monthly charge of $2.49 for 25GB or $4.99 for 100GB. Apart from the cheapest subscription rates, it offers a great desktop client version.