18 Best Live TV Streaming Sites


Best Live TV Streaming Sites

Television today plays a vital role in our lives. In the past, it was impossible to watch something that streamed on a television without a television, but things have changed now all thanks to the wonderful internet. There are at least 1000 to 5000 different channels that stream online today and most of them are absolutely free to watch. Although there are a lot of live streaming websites out there but its still difficult to find a good one. We today bring you a list of the best live TV streaming sites that will come in really handy for you:


18. My TV World

This site has very few ads and around 367 channels, most of which are news channels. So, if you are looking to stream news related channels than this is the site for you.

However, do note that few of the channels on the site seldom work. The site also provides an option to search the channels country-wise.


17. Mast TV

It’s the best online destination for Indian entertainment and news channels. It has a limited number of channels, quite few exactly, but the streaming quality is good and also has live sports channel.

Apart from live television streaming, this site also streams latest movies.


16. Free TV Hub

Free TV hub is pretty much similar to “My TV World” and offers live streaming from over 367 channels from almost every genre. It also provides an option to search channels country-wise.

The channels are categorized according to their genre with the total number of channels in each category also visible. The streaming quality is good but there is a 30 second ad before the live broadcast starts.


15. Inner Live

This site has channels from almost every country, UK, USA, India etc. And, you can select the country and the category of the channel you want to watch.

It has more than 500 channels and all you need to do is to install the Inner Live web player (or else the video won’t work) to stream your favorite channel.


14. FirstRow Sports

It is undoubtedly one of the best sites to watch sports channels online and has tabs on the top of the screen for selecting different sports.

It provides at least 3 alternative links to watch a particular match which is awesome buy a major drawback it has is the number of ads, with every click it opens pop up ads that also overlay the video and are really inconvenient.


13. Asha TV

It was founded in 2012 and has almost every category like news, sports, entertainment etc. but the total number of channels is too low.

The best part about this live tv streaming website is that it has no pop up ads. It just shows a 15-30 second video ad before the live streaming starts.


12. Real Stream

It is one of the few free live sports streaming websites that provides good quality and fast streaming and unlike “FirstRow” the ads are pretty much limited on this site and comparatively won’t annoy you much.

It broadcasts all live matches of every sport that is currently being played.


11. Stream2Watch

This site provides dozens of sports, news and entertainment channels. The news channels are from 17 different countries.

The site also displays the total number of channels from each country. Do note however, that you might have to disable IPv6 on your computer if the stream doesn’t work.


10. Fancy Streams

This site provides around 90% Pakistani and Indian channels from various genres like news, entertainment, sports etc.

It provides 4 links to watch a particular video so if one of them doesn’t work, you can always try the alternate links. It show two overlaying ads over the video player but they can be closed easily and the streaming quality is also quite good.