Tablet Gaming: iPad 3 Vs Nexus 7

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

iPad 3 Vs Nexus 7

Tablets have stormed both the technology blogs and retail markets, showcasing their wonderful displays and ultra-fast processors. This newly-born tech has broadened the minds of the consumers by combining portability with usability. By the fusion of these two, Apple sold 55 million units of iPads and Samsung has shipped 2 million units of Galaxy Tab.



Here we take a look at how tablets are gradually emerging as gaming devices. Companies continue to express their will to pack high tech graphics in lightweight tablets, some of which are just 3 millimeters thick.

We will focus on the two latest tablets whose developers kept gamers in mind while designing them – Apple’s iPad 3 and Google’s Nexus 7.





For now, both companies are selling their devices with a quad-core graphics processor. Apple is using an A5X chip, made by the company itself, to propel its latest iPad into the gaming arena. With a ‘better than HD’ Retina Display, A5X chip provides an excellent graphics rendering for first-person shooting games.

The Nexus 7 from Google, on the other hand, houses a third-party chip; the Tegra 3 manufactured by NVIDIA. The tablet has a 1,280 x 800 IPS Display, which the Tegra 3 handles pretty well. IGN recently ran three tests on the two processors.

Tegra 3 working on ASUS Prime surpassed the new iPad in raw CPU power and graphics. In quad-core configuration Tegra 3 massively outperformed iPad 3 but was trounced when the iPad 3 was considered powering the Retina Display while running the processor test.



When it comes down to gaming, portability is a key aspect to look out for. Since tablets come in loads of sizes and the ones we are zooming in are a 9.7-inch iPad and a 7-inch Nexus 7. Both the tablets have nearly the same power of graphics, leaving it just up to the size of the screen.

Reviews of the Nexus 7 report that the bezel at the corner of the screen provides better handling than the new iPad. Given the Nexus’s size, it can also easily slide into your jacket’s pocket, unlike the new iPad which you will either have to hold it or carry it in your bag.


Battery Life

None of us would be willing to buy a high tech gadget to play RPG games just for a few hours. So the next time we take the subway we want our tablets to have some battery remaining when we walk out of the station which is why the iPad 3 provides- a 10-hour battery life.

The Nexus 7 also manages to pull off the same amount of battery life. had a good look into the battery powers of these machines, and reported:

“Google’s flagship tablet seems to be a wonder of power efficiency. Of course, it also doesn’t have a Retina display or cellular radios to power.”


Which One a Gamer Should Buy?

So what’s the verdict? Well, you will have to pull up your preferences and budget for this one. The new iPad has the Retina Display, a competitive processor, a 9.7-inch screen and a 16 GB to 64 GB HDD option, but it has quite a price tag on it-£399.

The Nexus 7 houses; an IPS display, an equally fast powerhouse (Tegra 3), a 7-inch screen and a 16GB and 32GB HDD option, only in £159.



For us (from a gaming point of view), the Nexus 7 beats iPad 3 at the price and at what it’s offering. Nexus 7 has far superior ‘value for money’ than iPad 3!

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  1. Brian Johnson says:

    I think for gaming, iPad 3 is really superior than Nexus 7. I know Nexus 7 has Tegra 3 in it, and a great gaming capability, a great battery life, a great display, a great experience and so on. But i heard many users of this Google’s tablet, even one famous celeb in my country, experienced that after several months of using this tablet, Nexus 7 becomes laggier than ever (hopefully Google already addresses this issue on the second gen Nexus 7).

    On the other hand, iPad 3, besides having a strong A5X chip with PowerVR SGX 554 MP4 (if i’m not wrong), it also has supports from many developers across iOS ecosystem. So iPad games look slightly better than on Android devices. So even though i’m not a big fan of Apple, i’ve got to say, if you want to game on tablet, iPad 3 is your choice, or iPad mini. It has great battery life, graphics chip, game supports and many more.

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