Suicide Statistics: Current Rates and History [Infographic]

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Suicide Statistics Current Rates and History

The easiest way to define suicide is “the act of causing one’s own death”. Suicidal feelings are traumatic. As per general suicide statistics, most people who choose to end their lives do so for complex reasons. The most common cause for this has been a mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and many others. Also, some people are genetically prone to depression, and thus without being facing any negative life experiences, still they become depressed and may die by suicide.

Depression is triggered by several negative life experiences for which the person is not treated properly. This causes increased chances of suicidal attempts. But, it’s really upsetting that with time passing on; more and more people are getting driven by depression and killing themselves.


Suicide Statistics

Today the biggest concern for health care professionals is the “alarming increase in the suicide rates”. Suicide has become a serious public health problem that is causing harm to individuals, families, and communities.

There are reports that say that the number of suicidal deaths is more than that caused by car accidents. Previously suicide was typically considered a problem amongst teenagers and old people. But the increase in the number of suicidal cases reported for middle-aged Americans is shocking. But despite being a leading cause of death today, there is no such firm evidence to explain why some people attempt suicide.


Why People Commit Suicide?

While finding the exact reason for these increased numbers is difficult to find out, still, people have made some speculations on this. Some say that the expectation of life has increased for every individual.

The way they think about life issues and their life choices have changed completely. If they are unable to achieve it, they are moving towards easy ways of escaping failure and committing suicide.


Suicide History

It has been noticed in the history that whenever there are financial stress and economic setbacks, suicide rates rise. This point towards the conclusion that the economic downturn over the past decade has also added to the rise in suicide rates.


Suicide Prevention

There are various self-help groups available both in our community and on the Internet which are helping these traumatic and depressed individuals through therapy and care.

Also, there have been efforts to prevent suicide like limiting access to firearms, treating mental illness and drug misuse, and improving economic development, still the results are not satisfactory and the suicide rate is still increasing.


Here is an infographic showing some suicide statistics and the exact picture of how the suicide rates have increased during the course of time:

Suicide Statistics and History Infographic