5 Sporting Events You Must See Live


Sporting Events You Must See Live

If you are a true sports fan, there are certain events you must watch live before you die. Nothing can compare with the contagious excitement of die-hard fans hooting for their favourite teams. The drama and spectacle surrounding these events can be truly amazing. Most of the thrilling moments at each event can only be deeply appreciated when you are part of the live audience. Here are some of the major sporting events you must see live:


5. Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics

Image by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

This is the biggest sporting event in the world. Every leap year, athletes from more than 200 countries gather in a city chosen by the International Olympic Committee.

Over 40 sports including, athletics, basketball, badminton, beach volleyball, boxing, canoeing, cycling, diving, football, fencing, gymnastics, handball, hockey, pentathlon, rugby, sailing, shooting, swimming, table tennis, lawn tennis, trampoline, triathlon, volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling are part of this great sporting event.

Since 1896, this event has brought together many of the world’s best athletes who have set many new world records.


4. Super Bowl

Super Bowl

Lovers of American football always look forward to the Super Bowl – the major championship event of the National Football League. Before the merger of the two major American football leagues in the U.S., the league champions of the two leagues (NFL and AFL) met in the Super Bowl championship.

Currently, the champions of each of National Conference play in the Super Bowl. This event is one of the most viewed events with an average of over 114 million viewers in the 2015 edition. Super Bowl is one of the most popular global annual sporting events second only to the UEFA Champions League.


3. UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

Image Source: Alastair Grant / AP

From September till June of the following year, the annual UEFA Champions League matches take place in various cities across the Eurozone. Many of Europe’s best football clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Juventus, Porto, and Paris Saint-Germain, usually bring their best XI to these matches.

During the group stage of this famous European football tournament, thirty-two teams will attempt to move on to the next stage of the competition. Thousands of football fans even buy online tickets, for the UEFA Champions League group stage, from companies like Ticketbis to watch these matches live.


2. Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Wimbledon Tennis Championship

The oldest and the most prestigious Grand Slam tennis championship takes place at Wimbledon, a suburb of London every year. It is the only Grand Slam event that is still played on grass, the surface that gave the game is original name: lawn tennis.

This event is also a royal event with the Queen of England and other members of the Royal Family in attendance at the finals. In addition to the glamour and excitement of the game, the beautiful and well-maintained green environment at the All England Club brings thousands of sports fans back each year.


1. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2014 final

Every four years, thirty-two senior men’s national teams, from six continents, gather in a particular country to compete for the prestigious World Cup. Great football loving nations from Europe including Germany, England, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Portugal as well as South American teams like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile usually parade their best soccer talents at this event.

Each World Cup gives you an opportunity to be thrilled by the best goals, saves, and near misses. That is why football fans travel from all parts of the globe to be part of the live audience at this event.


Honorable Mentions

It is also important to mention these two awesome sports event while mentioning the best sporting events you must see live:

  • Tour de France
  • F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Those are some of the best sporting events to see live during your time on earth. Some of them are annual events while others occur once in four years. To be part of the live audience, make sure you plan ahead and obtain your tickets early. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!