Spam Free Social Marketing [Infographic]

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Spam Free Social Marketing

Not sure where that always blurry line between acceptable social marketing and ugly social spam lies? Make your efforts to gain sales and subscribers via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and their ilk safe ones by using this infographic and four simple rules to keep your social marketing efforts on the up-and-up:

1. Know the Rules

While no one really expects you to read each and every word of a given social media site’s terms of service on a regular basis, it doesn’t hurt to conduct a general overview in order to be sure all of your actions fall within acceptable limits and do not put your account at risk. Not putting you account at risk and other skills is what makes a great social marketer, if you have the knowledge of social media and other marketing skills then you too may be a great social influencer and marketer combined in one, you can read the rest of these points below and decide on what social marketing rules work for you. 


2. Respect Your Friends and Followers

The golden rule stating that we should treat others as we would have them treat us applies perfectly to social media, helping you to keep at the top of your mind what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. If you wouldn’t accost someone on the street in order to push your wares on them, you probably should follow the same rule on the virtual streets you traverse.


3. Be Yourself

At all major social media sites you are expected to own and maintain a profile that reflects you, not your company and not your products. While company information can certainly be included and you are free to make people aware of your products, services and sites via your social profiles, if they look like they belong to anyone other than a living, breathing human being, you are at risk of being banned.


4. When in Doubt, Refer to the Fine Print

If a particular social marketing method you’d like to employ seems questionable, it is always advisable to refer to the terms of service for the platform in question; protecting your valuable social accounts should always be of the utmost importance!

Spam Free: Social Marketing Without Spamming

This social media spam infographic is courtesy of SEOsmarty.