Sony Launches Legal Action Against PlayStation Hackers

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 14th, 2019

Sony launches legal action against PS3 hackers

Sony has launched legal action against hackers who uncovered/published/jailbreaked the security codes for the PlayStation 3.

The hack or the jailbreak allows the PS3 users to run any game whether Original or Pirated on their PS3 consoles. The reason given for the launch of the lawsuits is that George Hotz and other hackers have broken Sonys copyright agreement and caused copyright infringement and computer fraud.

George Hotz is the one who broke the codes of the Apple iPhone. The lawsuit is mainly directed towards the hacking group known as the failOverflow.

The lawsuit submitted to the Northern District Court of California, Sony asks for a restraining order that bans Mr. Hotz from further hacking and prevents the distribution of the software produced as a result.