SCO: Rise And Success

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 3rd, 2019

SCO: Rise And Success

Previously known as shanghai 5, SCO is an emerging military block in the global power arena. Uzbekistan was inducted as its sixth member state in 2005, and soon after its induction, clear demands were made to the United States to vacate the airbases at k2.

In its manifesto, the purpose of its inception is to join forces to eradicate extremism, terrorism, and drug trafficking but by its actions, over time this fact has become quite obvious that it is a military block to counter the NATO and United States covert activities in central Asia.

Despite the contrary official and foreign office statements, China and Russia are quiet much concerned over the covert CIA operations undergoing in Afghanistan, and soon after the invasion of Afghanistan by America and NATO forces, this organization has become quite active.

Chinese and Russians are well aware of Brzezinski’s theory of global domination (that for global domination one needs to control the Eurasian mass and for that purpose, the control of central Asia is a must). America needed a reason after entering Afghanistan to expand its clutches to its neighboring countries, that reason could have been anything ranging from political chaos to internal violence on the basis of ethnicity or religion.

The purpose of the SCO was to stop or counter any such efforts to destabilize the region and up till now, it has been quite successful in achieving that. China and Russia are also quite active in Afghanistan to neutralize the stabilizing efforts made by America and NATO.

The current prevailing situation in Afghanistan is also the indicator of the success of this organization and other anti-US and anti-NATO agencies are having in Afghanistan. The most interesting fact is that America applied for the observer status in 2005 and it was denied.

With an ever-increasing economic base of the economic giant China, the reforms introduced in Russia and the huge resource base present in central Asia the future of this organization seems quite bright.