3 Reasons to Keep Your Organic SEO Strategies Fresh in 2013


organic seo strategies

For as much as businesses love search engine optimization, they aren’t always crazy about the fact that the organic SEO strategies always seems to be changing. What Google seemed to love last month might not mean much this month, and vice versa, which you can see in the growing importance of local search and social media, and the lowered value of certain types of links and content.

This can lead to a lot of head-scratching, but it shouldn’t. For one thing, the fundamentals of good search engine optimization – high-quality content and high-quality links – haven’t changed much at all. And for another, SEO is always bound to keep changing from one year to the next.

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons to expect search engine optimization will keep changing in 2013 and beyond:


New Sources of Content Keep Popping Up

Social media sites are a good example of this. They didn’t factor much into search results years ago, if only because they didn’t have a lot of relevant content.

Now, though, having a strong Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile can help you on search engines, too.


New Competitors & Algorithms Bring Change

This matters in part because Google itself has competitors that are always coming up with new ideas. It also matters within your industry, though, where other businesses may keep changing keywords and tactics, forcing you to adapt and/or keep up.

If a certain term falls out of fashion in your industry, make sure to keep up with the lingo. Be ready to shift the branding of your products or services to reflect the current expectations in your market.


Searchers Themselves Keep Changing

We are seeing that searchers are using more specific phrases, local keywords, and “longtail” queries, meaning that the nature of search is shifting. It only makes sense for your search engine optimization campaign to have to shift along with it. Make sure you’re always conducting keyword research to better understand how searchers are finding information. Remember, there’s no future-proof paradigm here–how people use search engines will always change.


So, should all of this change discourage you from trying to win the top spot in Google and the other search engines? Absolutely not – if anything, it should remind you that there are always new opportunities popping up, and that your strategy should be to be a source of interesting, high-quality content that’s always growing.

Organic SEO strategies might be changing, but the most important parts of your plan aren’t, and the rewards are only going to keep getting better in 2013 and the years to come.