SEO For Startups: As Recommended By Google

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 22nd, 2019

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SEO for startups is arguably more difficult and important than for established brands. Additionally, established companies have complete departments dedicated to working for developing SEO content. It is the SEO for startups that makes them conserve resources wherever they can and achieve the most with whatever they have at hand. Well, luckily for them Google has stepped up to the task. Recently, Google released a video that explains SEO for startups and in the process, dispels a few SEO myths as well. And it does all this SEO help in a little under ten minutes.


Who Can Benefit From This?

This is mainly aimed at small companies and webmasters. This is mainly for companies and webmasters with relatively new websites with content in fewer than 50 pages and looking for higher rankings in fewer search terms through improved search engine optimization. SEO is one example of a digital marketing strategy changing the way companies do business online.

A lot of these tips and suggestions are primarily for users utilizing Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).


What Does Google Suggest?

Google advises that using keywords in your text is important but do not litter your content with it, going overboard in the process. Making sure that you actually use the words people use in Google Search for a specific thing (called keywords) rather than simply using the technical term, it is greatly useful for bringing in traffic to your site.

Google cited an example that if your company is in the market to sell ‘Athletic Footwear’, play smart and make references to ‘Running Shoes’, as more people call them with this name and would search on Google Search with this term.

Also, Google advises not to waste time on finding meta-keyword tags that fit in with your content. Of late, Google has begun to ignore these tags completely. With the social media boom, Google recommends getting active on a social network but it is not necessary to go out with all guns blazing.

It will be also alright if just a few people in the company, who are a socially active drop in the tweet stuff or share some Facebook content. Spending on social media development in early stages is not the best thing to do and nor is it that important.

The real focus lies in developing a good website. After all, all of your social pages eventually redirect users to your website, so there shouldn’t be a clash of priorities in that respect. If you are a startup then new content should get added very frequently. You also have to make sure that your website is user-friendly and fast. Visitors love websites that are fast.

Furthermore, stern advice is issued for those who try to manipulate the PageRank by buying links. The technique will fail sooner or later. Google focuses on helping startups with its Webmaster Tools and has recently made it send messages to the webmaster directly regarding any issue which it detects.

Signing up on GWT is really essential for figuring out how Google bot crawls and indexes your website. Google Webmaster Tools is also extremely reliable and effective in solving any abnormalities that arise with your site. Remember, never ignore any warning that GWT displays and try to solve all issues GWT reports under the ‘HTML improvements’ section for ranking good in SERPs.


Sacrifice on Fanciness But Not Content

Google advises that if you must choose, focus on developing searchable (content with keyword density between 0.5% to 5%) and indexable content (easily crawlable content with proper tags).

Just remember, developing a fancy site layout plays absolutely no part in helping you feature high in search engine rankings. Content development comes first and site layout comes later.