Security Tips For All Smartphone Users

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
Security Tips for All Smartphone Users

Today no smartphone platform is safe from things such as keylogging software and tracking apps. Platforms such as Android and Blackberry are especially vulnerable to hacks, viruses, and malware in general. In fact, even if you do manage to safeguard your device from a key logger by verifying all apps you download and conducting thorough security scans, this still can’t protect the device from physical theft. In the case that your phone gets stolen or you lose it, a tool such as a blackberry tracking app can actually be of help. It is important to not only know how to protect your phone while you are online but also when you are exchanging data with another device through Bluetooth. It’s no good knowing that all the critical data on your device is completely free from viruses. It is also important to know what to do in case things go wrong. Here we share some great security tips for all smartphone users:


Scan and Back up

The very first thing you want to do as soon as you receive your smartphone from the service provider is to hook it up to your laptop or PC, go straight to the application store, and download the antivirus which you would have researched beforehand. Whichever platform your device is running there is an ample variety of antivirus and security apps to choose from, plus there is the categorization of paid and free apps. For security it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider purchasing an app and a subscription, this could save you more money later on.

Once you have all that cleared and the antivirus up and running on your phone, it’s time to see what you want to put on to your new phone. For many, transferring contacts and data from a previous phone would be a necessary step. Before you throw that data on, scan it since you do have the app for it. Afterward, immediately make a backup of your data. You can go for a cloud-based solution or any other the choice is yours.


Getting Anti-Theft Tools and Learning More About Them

One of the major concerns among smartphone users is the question of whether or not to root/jailbreak their device. In some countries rooting or jailbreaking the device can void the warranty and has as many advantages as well as equal disadvantages. The fact is that most anti-theft tools require the phone to either be rooted or jailbreaked. This is simply because these apps need superuser rights to be correctly installed on the phone. With these superuser rights, these apps can install themselves on the phone effectively with full functionality. This means that even if your phone is stolen and the thief decides to factory reset your phone to completely wipe it, they still will not be able to get rid of the anti-theft tool.

There are some anti-theft apps that do not require a jailbroken or rooted device to work properly. One such popular app is a spy app on blackberry which can be very helpful in case your phone is lost. Most such apps allow the user to remotely control the device. Through these remote controls, you can choose to lock the device, sound an alarm, or even take a picture of the person who is holding the phone.

If you find that your phone is stolen or missing and you did not have in place any such app or tool which could track your device or protect your data, you can choose an app that can be remotely installed. These apps will prompt you as soon as the phone is turned on and is within reach of a cell phone tower, alerting you about the coordinates of the phone.

Smartphones nowadays are costly therefore it is wise to spend some time learning ways to make your smartphone safe.  

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