School Physics Just Got Tough: Angry Birds Physics Question

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON July 27th, 2011

Angry Birds perhaps, one of the most hyped games just made life of students tougher as it made it to a physics exam paper.

Angry Birds game developed originally for IPhone but now also available on Windows , Android and other platforms, is a perfect way to put one’s Projectile Motion concepts of Physics to good test. The question goes something like this:

“In the popular game Angry Birds, in order to make sure the red bird can hit the green pig, what should be the launch angle (respect to horizontal) of the slingshot if the time of the flight is 2.50 seconds?”


Well certainly the questions urges the student to think deeply about his projectile concepts but if he/she  gets it wrong it might also frustrate him/her from playing Angry Birds ever again,surely it is a fairly important question as it carries 7 marks.And trust me this question was no joke but an actual question from a test!

But you can certainly realize that, those  little angry birds have taken the world by storm and even made their way to students exam paper. In fact, there are even movies being made on them. So is this the end? Apparently not. For people who are Angry Birds fans, they might already know that Angry Birds next installment “Angry Birds: Rio” is already out and making news. So just keep playing, may be some day your teacher might also suprise you with such a question.