Samsung to Launch Faster Galaxy S4 Smartphone

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 14th, 2019

Faster Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Samsung Electronics is known in the market for producing cost-efficient feature-packed smartphones. Apart from that, Samsung likes to keep its customer base interested by announcing their future endeavors every once in a while. In a recent interview with Reuters, J.K. Shin told that Samsung Electronics Co plans to sell a faster Galaxy S4 later this year which will transfer data at twice the normal rate thanks to its brand new LTE-Advanced technology.

Samsung said that the smartphone will be available with some South Korean operators as earlier as this month. The operator wasn’t explicitly named. Talks with other overseas carriers and operators are said to be in works and partnerships might be announced soon.

Shin said:

“We’ll be the first with the commercial launch of the advanced 4G version of the Smartphone.”

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 will use LTE-advanced 4G technology, which is an update of the current LTE technology and is twice as fast. LTE-advanced will be powered by Qualcomm chips.

Samsung lost $20 billion dollars in shares since June 7 after analysts cut sales of S4 by as much as 30 percent. This conclusion was made on the basis of available industry data that showed the smartphone industry is saturated. The same problem is being faced by Samsung’s rival, Apple with its iPhone 5. However, Shin didn’t show the least bit of concern with this problem.

Shin further added:

“S4 sales remain strong. It’s selling far stronger than the (Galaxy) S III … and the new LTE-Advanced (4G) phone will be another addition to our high-end segment offerings that ensure healthy profit margins. As operators seek to provide more data-centric mobile services, I think this will become mainstream 4G technology globally in the coming years.”

Apart from the high-speed feature that has been added, it is expected that Samsung would improve the display features of the upcoming LTE-advanced Galaxy S4, mainly increasing its durability. Samsung hopes that the new addition to its smartphone lineup will help protect margin growth.

Kevin Fitchard of Gigaom suspects that Samsung is trying to create publicity for itself, and the faster smartphone will probably contain enough tricks to qualify for the LTE-Advanced standards according to the industry. An official at Samsung refused to comment on the question as to how this smartphone would use the LTE-Advanced technology and how are they labeling it as “advanced”.

Only time will tell how Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will fare at the market. But considering the current market strength and consumer support for Samsung, we can get a clue of the outcome.