Review: Samsung Galaxy S3

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 10th, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S3 review

Samsung has finally unveiled the widely anticipated Galaxy S3 smartphone with some of the best features that one can anticipate from an Android mobile phone. The initial reactions to the phone are quite positive for the many great features it comes with; while on the other hand, the looks and build quality have been criticized for being too plastic in a market where the iPhone 4S has raised the bar significantly higher. Let us review Samsung Galaxy S3 and check some of the features of this phone in detail and see if it stands its ground against the other biggies from Apple, HTC, etc.


Design And Body

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a touchscreen phone in the candy bar form and is available in two colors- marble white and pebble blue. The overall look and feel of the phone are quite plastic which is something Samsung is known for. It has a large 4.8î touch screen which is bigger than all other smartphones available on the market.

That makes it only 0.5î smaller than the Galaxy Note from the same company. However, the phone weighs only 133g which is quite in the same league as other smartphones.


Display And Camera

The Galaxy S3 has a large 4.8î Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen with a high resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels which is higher than any smartphone in the market.

It comes with a normal 8MP camera which is not as high as some of the other smartphones available on the market but it is capable of recording HD videos at 1080 pixels anyway.

Also, the secondary camera comes with 1.9MP and can take videos at 720 pixels.


Operating System And Memory

It comes with the Android V4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which although not the latest from Android but is the one that is widely used in mobile devices. It comes with a 1.4 GHz CPU (second only to HTC One’s 1.5 GHz) Quad-core (same as HTC X and other smartphones) Cortex A9 processor with Exynos 4212 Quad-core chipset.

It comes with 1GB RAM and 16/32/64 GB internal memory options and an external SD card slot that can support external memory up to 32 GB.


Other Features

The Samsung Galaxy S III is 4G LTE network capable and comes with the best battery in Android phones – A whopping 4200mAh which can give you over 20 hours of talk time in the 2G network. It comes with various new features including a Siri-like voice assistant called the ëS voiceí, Smart Say eye-tracking, and Pop-up play for watching videos as a pop-up while working on any other application. Also, it comes with 50 GB of data storage on Dropbox which is another feather in the cap of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Overall the phone is really good in terms of features and can be considered the best Smart Phone in the market as per the specs. Only a real face-off between HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 can determine which the best Smart Phone of 2012 is.

Do you still have an appetite? Check out this cool hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy S3:


  1. Arthur Kotsopoulos says:

    I bet I could read all the previews and write a more realistic review on the GS3. If you are reviewing a mobile phone then seriously consider including things that people ACTUALLY want to know about.

    You don’t talk about how ANY of the new features of the phone work or if they don’t work and your review of the display is laughable.

    Did you know that the GSIII is the first phone to use Gorilla Glass 2? No, didn’t think so. You don’t even mention that the phone uses PenTile which in comparison to what the One X uses is less superior.

    You don’t even mention that the GS3’s dpi is less impressive than the Nexus, 4s or One X..

    No mention of what the phone actually feels like in the hand, no photos showing us the quality of the camera or how it’s burst shot is and the other new features.. NOTHING.

    Heather if you have an actual job which pays you please focus on that and leave the writing to people who KNOW how to actually write.

    Fabricating a review on the plethora of previews available won’t get you anywhere. How you even managed to get this published is beyond me.

    I hope people aren’t dumb enough to take this so called “review” as gospel and abide by it.

  2. Feel The Void says:

    The battery capacity isn’t a “whooping 4200mAh” but instead 2100 mAh which is still more than most handsets have anyway.
    Also, starting every line with “it comes with” doesn’t give this article much credibility.

  3. 720 says:

    1280×720 is not the highest resolution of any phone on the market… there are several phones with 720p resolution, HTC Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and LG Spectrum just to name a few…

  4. Mike says:

    your embedded video doesnt work, and no its not my flash

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