Rumor: HTC to Release Facebook Smartphone in 3rd Quarter

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There is a race all over the world in the field of Information Technology. Mobiles and smartphones are taking over. Along with rumors related to the iPhone Nano and iPad mini, an interesting rumor has also surfaced the web. According to this rumor, Facebook and premium smartphone manufacturer, HTC is in co-operation with each other to bring up an Android-powered Facebook phone.

This project of Facebook and HTC is titled as Buffy. The phone is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2012. Certainly a big treat for the fans worldwide. The smartphone would be running a modified Android version, which Facebook has altered itself for the deep integration of social networking in the device. There is surely no escape from Facebook.

Google this time is in partnership with Samsung to manufacture the next-generation Nexus smartphone, as Samsung is the largest contributor in manufacturing Android-powered the smartphone. In reply to this; HTC has found another partner to create its own path to survive in the smartphone market wars. Previously, Google had teamed up with HTC to form the Nexus One. Facebook is expected to further expand its investments and sources of income after becoming a public company, and the launch of own-brand smartphones will be part of its development strategy.

Last year, HTC launched the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa. Both the devices featured heavy Facebook integration as both were having a dedicated button for Facebook. Unfortunately, none of the devices could create a lasting impression in the consumer world. On the other hand, Facebook has repeatedly said it is not looking to build a dedicated handset and it will not allow any phone manufacturer to call any of their devices a ‘Facebook phone’. In contrary to this, there have been a number of attempts at making Facebook-like handsets, with dedicated hardware keys and tight integration with the mobile operating system.

Remember, the market share of HTC has fallen, and its profits dropped by 70 percent in the first quarter of 2012 alone. With the market wars in both the companies’ minds, it surely seems that the fans could expect the best from both of them.

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