Rihanna’s Concert Ends Early Due to Stage Fire

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 11th, 2019

Rihanna's Concert Ends Early Due to Stage Fire

Rihanna’s concert was brought to a swift end after a blaze broke out directly above the stage on Friday night, 8 July. It’s thought the cause of the fire was a row of lights, as footage posted online showed sparks falling from rigging above the stage.

Various reports stated that parts of Rihanna’s set had caught on fire, as well as stage curtains.

Afterward, Rihanna tweeted to her fans:

“DALLAS!!! We set the stage on FYAH tonight!!! LITERALLY!!!…I was havin so much fun wit yall too!!! I gotta come back man!!”.

A video posted on YouTube shows a fire burning at the top of the stage at the American Airlines Center, with some sparks falling toward the floor.

Fans were forced to leave the venue, even though her set was cut short. According to Idolator, Rihanna performed a fair amount of her hits at the show in Big D including “Only Girl” “S&M” “Shut Up And Drive” and “Disturbia” before the mishap. But unfortunately, there were still a handful of her staples she didn’t get to, such as “Umbrella”, “What’s My Name”, “Rude Boy”, and “SOS”.