Review: Cleaning up the Classroom with Tom and Jerry

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 30th, 2019

Cleaning up the Classroom with Tom and Jerry

Which cartoon character duo has been your favorite since the early days of your childhood when you used to sit glued in front of the television for hours? For most people, the answer would be Tom and Jerry. This is why it has been seen that many parents prefer that their children play Tom and Jerry games when their age comes to start appreciating them. You must want the same owing to the fact that your children are also in love with the quirky mouse and the funny cat show. But there is no point in denying the fact that irrespective of how many appraisals you heap onto the show, getting addicted to television or video gaming is something that you want to avoid at all costs. So what can be your solution? This is where Cleaning up the Classroom with Tom and Jerry flash video game comes to your rescue. It’s literally a savior for most parents.



The critiques of the gaming industry, classic gamers, and fans of the Tom and Jerry franchise have already identified that the Cleaning up the Classroom with Tom and Jerry is one of the most educational video games that the gaming industry has seen in years.

The fact that cleanliness is one of the basic habits that every parent thrives to teach his or her children and the additional fact that the layout of this Tom and Jerry video game is in the classroom makes it what it is.

This is especially binding for the fact that when the children witness their favorite cartoon characters working towards keeping the classroom clean, not only will they be eagerly waiting to visit the classroom more but also ensure that it is kept at the highest level of cleanliness.

With this game, parents can forget their worries about harmful video games and their many side effects on children. And what more, you can enjoy it yourself occasionally to give the cleanliness freak in you an outlet!



Children have the attention spans of a fly or might be lesser. This is why a successful video game for children must have enough qualities to keep them hooked to the screen of the game until told otherwise.

This is what this game thrives to achieve with its amazing game engine that keeps on rendering the best graphics you can imagine on a handheld or on a web browser.



The gameplay is the main aspect that makes this video game so special. The developers of the game have taken extra care to ensure that the gameplay and the storyline of the whole game don’t turn boring for once.


Final Word

Cleaning up the Classroom with Tom and Jerry is surely a cool flash video game that can both entertain and educate your child. Want to try it out? Visit