Report: Facebook Testing Threaded Comments and Sound Notifications

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

Facebook Testing Brand New Features

Facebook without any doubt has become the number one online social tool of choice for more than one billion users (despite some major failures throughout its evolution). The outlook and features of Facebook have changed a lot from the day of its inception in 2004. Facebook has added many new features to facilitate users with the passage of time and it also even removed certain elements that were deteriorating the user experience.

Facebook often experiments new features for a small number of users before deciding whether to take it to live or not for the entire user base. According to some latest reports, Facebook is testing threaded comments and sound notifications with a small audience.


‘Reply’ Button in Comments

A spokesperson from Facebook has confirmed Mashable that experimentation is in progress for the addition of a ‘Reply’ button in comments which will allow users to post threaded comments.

Meredith Chin at Facebook said:

“We are testing a new way to add comments to a post on Facebook. Now you will be able to reply to another comment as well as the original post.”

The addition of this button seems to be an efficient feature because the current commenting system on Facebook has some limitations as if you are replying to a comment of an individual on some post, you adopt the procedure of tagging that specific person and then replying to that comment. For the use of this tagging facility, that specific person must be on your friend list, which is not possible every time.

So, when we come to this reply button in comments, it provides an opportunity to interact directly to that specific person, which is a much efficient way to have a good conversation.

The picture below is a tweet showing the experimented ‘Reply’ button.


Sound Notifications

‘Pinggg‘… what was that? Don’t worry, it was the notification sound from Facebook. Someone just wrote on your timeline, texted you or has invited you to an event. It is a new feature being experimented by Facebook nowadays.

A spokesman from Facebook said:

“We are currently testing a sound with notifications. It’s only testing with a small percentage of people and it can be controlled from the Account Settings page.”

This new feature may annoy most of the users who get too many notifications, so most probably the new sound notification feature may not go live on Facebook for all users. However, we are definitely going to see the ‘Reply’ button being rolled out to all the users very soon.

Check out the sound notification feature in action in the video embedded below: