Protect your iPhone Through VPN

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

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Are you having doubts about security on your iPhone? No wonder your insecurity is right because there are always criminals and hackers spooking around to break into personal information and misuse it for their own purposes. Virtual Private Network is also known as a VPN removes all your doubts and protects your iPhone from outsiders. You can stop leaking your private information to others and protect your information. It also provides many other added advantages to the consumers and the setup and configuration is very easy for an iPhone user.


VPN iPhone Hides Your Real Identity

When you are using WiFi on public Hotspots, you are exposed to various threats and that includes your personal data information, contact details, financial details and company`s information. A VPN includes security to your network whether public or private and hides your real identity. Every network has a specific IP that is country and region-specific. VPN conceals your real IP address and substitutes it with another one so no one can identify your actual identity. 

VPN also encodes your information and data and at the receiving end, it is decoded. No outsider can break this code and so your information remains behind the veil.


Unblock Websites that Are Country Specific

If you are browsing outside US you are prohibited to enter some websites and browse them. Some countries are restricted to browse some websites due to privacy settings. VPN removes this restriction and allows users to browse and enjoy all such blocked websites. This unblocking is done by changing the IP address as mentioned earlier.

There are 18 countries that are allowed to view all websites and so your IP address is replaced with that of these countries and you can enjoy unlimited web browsing.


iPhone VPN Reduces Costs

Earlier users and companies used leased lines to connect computers at multiple locations but it was expensive. A VPN has added advantage that it reduces the cost for connecting devices at various locations.

Furthermore, you don`t need physical lines to connect multiple computers and iPhone and you are easily able to exchange private data and information through an iPhone VPN connection. In business, it allows employees to access and exchange the company`s information on the iPhone even from home and while traveling safely.


Configuration of VPN on iPhone

The setup of a VPN on the iPhone is very simple and is a built-in feature in iOS. You need to be sure that your internet allows a VPN service. Go to VPN settings and configure by choosing the type of configuration you need. Type all the information that a VPN requires and save it.

Then go to main settings and switch the VPN from off to on mode and your iPhone gets connected to VPN automatically. It saves you from the hurdle of connecting to VPN repeatedly and you can have privacy settings and unlimited browsing as much as you require.