Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Guest List

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 2nd, 2019

royal wedding of william and kate

At last anxiously awaited guest list of the royal wedding at Westminster abbey has been released. Abbey will host around 1900 guests on 29 April. Queen has invited 650 people to the luncheon at Buckingham palace and Price of wales has invited 300 people to the Buckingham palace

Some of the notable names in the list are:

  • Celebrities: David Beckham who worked with William on the 2018 world cup bid will attend the ceremony along with his fashion designer wife Victoria Beckham. Singer Elton John is invited because of his friendship with late princess Diana. Atkinson famously known as Mr. Bean is invited because of his close friendship with Prince Charles. Soul singer joss stone, director guy Ritchie are also invited to the wedding. William is not very celebrity-oriented so the event will not be shinning with many famous faces.
  • Kings: More than 46 foreign royals will be coming to the espousal including royals from Denmark, Norway, Morocco, Thailand, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. King of Bahrain was invited but he declined the invitation because of serious turmoil in Bahrain.
  • Exes: Both William and Kate have invited their exes (let’s hope that everything goes all right in the wedding.) Kate has invited her ex Rupert finch whom she dated before she started seeing William; William Marx with whom she rumored to have had a relationship. William has invited all his four exes: Isabella, Arabella Musgrave, Rose Farquhar, and Jecca Craig.
  • Prince’s Best friends: Prince’s friends from Gloucestershire are all on the list including polo player captain Jack Mann, Olympic gold medalist Richard Meade.

A seating plan is also issued but who cares.