Pakistani Documentary ‘Saving Face’ Wins Oscar

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON February 27th, 2012

Pakistani documentary wins oscar

“And the Oscar goes to Saving Face”… these were the words which made every individual of Pakistan proud. ‘Saving Face’ co-directors Daniel Junge and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy accepted their Oscar for best documentary at the 84th Annual Academy Awards held this Sunday at Hollywood, California.

‘Saving Face’ is a documentary about a plastic surgeon who cares for the acid victims in Pakistan. This award is remarkable in two ways; not only the award is won by a Pakistani but this is also the first time the country has received an Academy Award.

In her speech, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy dedicated this award to the heroes of Pakistan including the British Pakistani plastic surgeon Dr Mohammad Jawad. Sharmeen dedicated her award to:

“All the women in Pakistan working for change. Don’t give up your dreams. This is for you. Resilience and bravery in the face of such adversary is admirable.”

Every year hundreds of people, mostly women, are attacked with acid in Pakistan. The documentarty is based on a plastic surgeon who offers a reconstructive surgury to the acid burn victims in Pakistan. This Pakistani plastic surgeon who has returned to his homeland, not only helps restore their faces but also their lives.

This award is not only a symbol of pride for the Pakistan but it also throws light on the fact that the people of this country have the potential to thrive and prove their skills in the field of arts and culture.

Everyone including the president praised the filmmaker for bringing distinction to the country by excelling in film-making and sending a message to the world about Pakistan’s softer image.