Outlook.com: Email at its Best

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON January 6th, 2020

Outlook.com Email at its Best

Hotmail, launched in 1996 and acquired by Microsoft in 1997, is one of the oldest email services in the world. In the last 16 years, Hotmail has gone through many changes but last Tuesday, Microsoft made the most radical change to date, by completely revamping Hotmail and rebranding it to Outlook.com.

Microsoft was undoubtedly aware of the fact that many of its users had shifted to other email services for various solid reasons. This made Microsoft make the decision of launching a brand new email service to somehow to regain its lost users. As of initial reports, Microsoft seems to have succeeded in its objective as Outlook.com has garnered critical acclaim for its various innovative features.

Outlook.com: Email at its Best

It is expected that Hotmail.com — still world’s largest email service with over 350 million users worldwide — might fade away completely leaving Outlook.com alone to go up against the competition which mainly includes Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Let’s discuss some of the key features of Outlook.com which make it an outstanding email service to use:


Unlimited Storage and 7 GB of Sky Drive Space

Outlook.com comes with a superb solution to the storage problems and has given an unlimited storage facility to its users along with a 7 GB storage of Sky Drive — a service that provides online document storage and file sharing i.e you can access photos and files from anywhere, store them free, and securely share them. This storage space also gives the best solution to limited size attachments.

The unlimited storage comes out to be the best feature of Outlook.com as various other email services are still providing a limited storage capacity — even Hotmail offers a limited 23 GB of storage capacity.


More Organized and More Powerful

Nowadays, ‘Inbox’ has become commonplace for social network updates and newsletters. According to a study, 70% of your inbox are updates and newsletters. It has become quite hard now to find your personal and work-related emails among such a heap of unimportant updates.

Outlook.com offers a very nice sorting feature that sorts out your messages on the basis of contacts, newsletters, shipping updates, and social updates. With sweep feature, you can easily move, delete and set up powerful rules in few clicks to get emails of your own choice easily.


A Unique Experience for Modern Devices

In the world of modern technology ‘time’ is everything. Keeping this in mind, Outlook.com comes with 60% fewer pixels in the header pushing content above the fold allowing you to see 30% more messages in your inbox. Ad spots and large search boxes have also been removed from the header to increase view further.

It also uses an Active Sync which functions to power your mails and calendars on your smartphones and tablets.


A Better Place to Stay Connected to Social Networks

Social networks have become a popular place of sharing and communicating with your friends and co-workers. The use of email has also increased with the increased use of social networks. Outlook.com is the very first service launched by Microsoft which enables you to connect with various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Skype (coming soon).

Outlook.com emails also come with the photos of your friends, recent status updates and tweets. It also offers video calls and chats abilities. There are many other features like improved privacy, spam protection superior UI, etc that make Outlook.com, arguably, the best email service.

Outlook.com: Email at its Best


Sign Up Now

If you are a Hotmail/MSN or Live user, you can easily shift to Outlook.com by clicking the “Upgrade to Outlook.com” button in your “Options” menu. If you haven’t used a Microsoft mail service yet, you can still easily sign up to Outlook.com by signing up at signup.live.com/signup.aspx