Online Gaming – A Sociable Experience

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

Online Gaming - A Sociable Experience

You have to wonder how online gaming became so sociable. Why so many people grab for their computers rather than heading off to a friend’s house or going to the local bowling alley. What is it about online gaming that has people playing day and night from all over the world?

Let’s take look at the most popular online games to determine what the attraction is and why these games are considered to be so sociable.


MMORPG – Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games

These games are generally played with two or more players who play together to manage obstacles and fights within the game. They play against other teams, often teams can be made up of people who have never met, each from different countries and cultures coming together to play the game.

These players can chat with each other during the game, making it very sociable. The game is a graphic or virtual environment based on real-world functionality; often it has its own economy and government.

The advantage to these MMORPG games is that they are easy to play even for those with limited computer skills. The game is played online which means there are no discs to load or long loading times to wait for.

On average these games are enjoyed by all genders and age groups, the majority of which spend up to five hours a day playing and up to six times a week. They design their own avatar, graphic person, and make their own groups, making new friends along the way.


Casino Games

Recently, online casinos have begun to spike in popularity thanks to their ability to give players fast, big results. Many of the casino games also offer a sociable aspect of online gaming. You choose the game you want to play and sit at a table filled with people you have never met; they can be from halfway across the globe or on your doorstep.

Players have an opportunity to chat with their opponents during gameplay, forming new contacts and friendships. This is why these online games can offer so many hours of enjoyment.


Are They Sociable Enough?

There appears to be a lot of debate on how good it is to play these games on such a regular basis. But these days people play more online games than any other, the games offer excellent graphics and sound. They enable users to design their own avatar and their own online personality.

You would think that the majority of online gamers were people that were shy, introverts, but in fact, these games are enjoyed by a variety of cultures from all over the globe. There is no exact science as to the ages or genders that play because they are all completely mixed.

Rather than sitting alone on a cold and wet night on the couch watching TV, online gamers can go online, meet up with friends and have fun without leaving the comfort of their own homes and you wondered if online gaming was social?

Send a quick instant message to a friend to see if they are online or near their computers, get together and play some games that is what online gaming is all about these days. It is not only about the game you are playing, but it’s also getting to meet new people, make new friends and play against people from all over the world.

It has been recorded that playing these social online games actually forms lasting friendships. With such a mix of ages and genders, online communities can be made up of anyone from a ten-year-old girl to a forty-year-old housewife, these gamers will work together to achieve success in their game.

Online games have taken communication to a whole new level, enabling users to text messages to each other, many of the games also offer sound communications and even webcam images, making them feel like they are together playing the game.

The formation of online communities within the multiplayer games are a way to make new friendships and a majority of these friendships remain even after the community deteriorates and they move on to new communities to make new friends.


Interesting Facts

We found out something very interesting about the sociable side of online gaming, a study was conducted which showed that online gaming can teach basic technical and communication skills to youngsters. This means that while they are gaming they are improving their skills, learning to communicate effectively in all types of environments while improving their technology skills.

While we don’t believe this is a reason to let your nine year old sit in front of the computer all day, every day, it is a good reason to not stop them from enjoying some online games from time to time.

From to multiplayer games, it’s easy to see that these games succeed due to them being such sociable games and enabling people to interact with each other and make new friendships which can last a lifetime.