Olympic Venue Verses Heathrow Airport [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

Olympic Venue Verses Heathrow Airport

Much ado has been made about the staunch regulations around entering Olympic venues. Let’s graphically compare these with the often similar regulations we’ve come to accept when going through airport security at London’s busiest airport – Heathrow. It’s clear that you’d get on to that plane a lot faster than into the Olympic events, but with a little awareness and perhaps a lot of patience, the process will speed up as the Olympic Games go on.

Olympic sponsors have secured certain exclusivity when it comes to brand visibility in Olympic stadiums, so rules about what fans can and can’t wear to watch their favorite sporting event have been met with some criticism. And where Heathrow will make allowances and find a space on the plane for unusually shaped items carried on, the Olympic security regulations state very strictly that no item that may obscure another fan’s view is allowed through the security check tents.

Olympic Venue Verses Heathrow Airport Infographic

Infographic created by Airport-Parking-Quote!