NOVA 3 now Available For Android

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

N.O.V.A 3
Fan of thrilling your heart with guns and various other weapons of mass destruction (on your Android phone of course)? Then look no further as N.O.V.A. 3 is definitely the Android game that can now satisfy your thirst for adventure. If you have been playing the previous versions of the N.O.V.A game franchise then you would not be disappointed with this third installment as it packs much more punch.

For those who are not much familiar with the N.O.V.A (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) game franchise, it is a series of futuristic shooter games developed by Gameloft with gameplay quite similar to HALO and Crysis game series.

N.O.V.A. 3 takes the mobile shooter environment to a whole new level with high-end, awesomely improved graphics, it is no surprise that the game requires a hefty minimum free space of 2 GB. Leaving the graphics aside, the game has several new and improved features such as:

  1. A total of ten levels in the single campaign, including war-torn earth and a frozen city of Volterite
  2. Six different maps to fight on and support for epic six on six battles in multiplayer mode
  3. Expanded use of weapons of mass destruction and heavy vehicles
  4. Visible shadows and lights
  5. The vehicles now can be occupied with multiple allies

The game is available at the Google Play Store for a price of $6.99. A little expensive for an Android app but it definitely worths all the money if you are a fan of true action.

The game currently can run on Android 2.2 Froyo running devices and on-wards.

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Download N.O.V A. 3 for Android [Google Play link]