Nintendo Wii / Wii U Insurance

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Nintendo Wii Insurance

Gamers have an insatiable thirst for getting their hands on the latest piece of kit as soon as it these gadgets and devices are released, but just as important as having the most up-to-date system on the market, is the satisfaction of knowing it is covered against every unfortunate eventuality. Let’s face it – in the ever-more sophisticated world of gaming; that can mean, just about anything.

In 2006, Nintendo raised gaming to a whole new level with the launch of the Wii. Five years later, Nintendo unveiled the Wii U in a press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 which is sure, to once again, revolutionise the market.

With the release of these more and more advanced consoles at never ending expenditure though, has come a whole new raft of hazard possibilities – including the potential for damage to your console, surrounding items… And even yourself!

When the Wii was launched, we all heard the anecdotes of lampshades, mirrors, televisions and even people bearing the brunt of over-enthusiastic gamers.

Getting the right insurance cover for your Wii and soon to be released Wii U is essential. The new controller pad is a serious piece of kit and one that, despite its robust look and 6.2 inch screen, can be prone to some rough treatment and subsequent damage.

Nintendo Wii

Insurance for your Wii console systems will cover against accidental damage, water damage and theft. You can also tailor you policy to cover other items related to your gaming such as your television, there have been so many cases of damage being caused during gameplay with consoles that react to the players movement, that insurance cover to protect against these incidents should be given serious consideration.

Companies have reported an increase in damage to television sets since the launch of the original Wii and it pays to guard against those unexpected accidents, especially some of the high-tech LCD / flat screen Plasma, 3D or Smart TV’s that you may have in your home which I’m sure, would have cost a significant amount of money in itself.

So when you see a Wii U in action next year in your local gaming retail outlet, if you make the decision to purchase one, please do consider getting your new system suitably covered so that in the event, the unforeseen does happen, you know you’re protected and claim as necessary.