New Facebook Feature: Old Status Updates From 2010 & 2009

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019


The largest and the most successful social networking platform Facebook is getting more interesting day by day. Facebook today has revealed yet another new interesting feature – user’s status updates that they posted exactly 1 or 2 years before will now be displayed on their profiles.

A small box will appear exactly in the right-hand column above the advertising from now on, titled “On This Day in 2010″ or “On This Day in 2009.”

It has been found that “On This Day” box will remain prominent while the user even browses a photo album and if a user wants to see the status update that he updated 1 or 2 years before then he just has to click on the “Show More” button. The feature only seems to go back to 2009 as Facebook did not have many users before 2009. The new feature also surfaces photos from the past.

After interrogating public Facebook and Twitter status updates, it is believed that the feature began rolling out in a limited test conducted on August 11 but in the past 12 hours scores of Facebook users have started noticing it.

Facebook has been trying lately to allow users to discover their previous activities on Facebook conveniently but it is not yet confirmed that whether Facebook has some definite purpose of such a permanent feature or it is just adding little fun to its product by introducing a new temporary engagement tool.

Most probably Facebook wants to remind its users that they have invested many years of their lives into their product and they should not switch to something new (Google+).