25 Best Jackie Chan Movies Ever


25 Best Jackie Chan Movies

Death-defying stunts, lightening-bolt kicks, improvised armed & unarmed combat, and lovable comedy; Jackie Chan (born: Kong-sang Chan) is an innovator, pioneer and a legend in the genre of Action-Comedy. Born in Hong Kong, the 61-year-old stuntman-turned-actor is arguably one of the best Asia has produced.

A film career that started with playing as a stuntman in Bruce Lee’s ‘Enter the Dragon’ and ‘Fist of Fury’, Jackie reached many milestones along the way with movies such as Armor of God, Rush Hour and Rob-B-Hood. Here today we take a look at the 25 best Jackie Chan movies we have picked for you from over 42 years of the legend’s career:


25. Thunderbolt (1995)


Image Source: New Line Cinema

Directed by Gordon Chan, better known for The Medallion, this street-racing movie features Jackie Chan in a slightly sober self. It is rather quite different from any other Jackie Chan movie. He has to limit his action-comedy to a minimum since his parents in the film are being tortured, kidnapped and threatened to be killed.

Like most racing movies, it involves a lot of car chasing and racing which limits Jackie from exhibiting his incredible stunts but this doesn’t stop him from filming one of the most memorable fight scenes in the Casino.


24. Dragon Lord (1982)

Dragon Lord

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If you watch this film for the first time, it wouldn’t be that hard for you to guess who directed it. Yes, it’s a very young director, Jackie Chan himself. The film has everything you want from a Jackie Chan film; stunts, comedy and lengthy but exciting fights.

Jackie put a lot of effort into making Dragon Lord. The complex stunts and fight scenes he brought to this film in 1982 already seem perfect even in the early years of his film career.


23. The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)

The Forbidden Kingdom

Image Source: sbs.com

Literally a martial arts fantasy film for pairing up the legendary masters, Jackie Chan (Drunken Immortal) and Jet Li (The Monkey King), this film is a dream come true for any fan of martial arts. It’s a fantasy of every Jackie Chan lover to be trained by the Sensei Chan himself with the assistance of Sensei Li, this movie does exactly that for Jason (Michael Angarano).

Jason is taken through a magical world of martial arts along with the spectators thanks to the casting and mainly the directing by Rob Minkoff.


22. The Big Brawl (1980)

The Big Brawl

In his first attempt at an American movie, Jackie takes on the role of a martial artist participating in a street-fight competition in The Big Brawl.

There are many great fight scenes as the title would point out, most of them choreographed and executed marvelously by, of course, Jackie himself.


21. Rush Hour (1998)

Rush Hour

Image Source: galleryhip.com

Arguably one of the best works of Jackie Chan in the western industry, Rush Hour joins two very different characters of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to create a hilarious classic that will make you laugh every minute.

With Jackie’s fast kicks and Chris’ fast talking, this film leaves the bad guys on the floor with all its punch-lines. Both actors’ on-set chemistry can be best remembered by their version of the song ‘War’.


20. My Lucky Stars (1985)

My Lucky Stars

Image Source: imfdb.org

Hilarious comedy skits and brilliant fights, as any other Jackie Chan movie, My Lucky Stars teams up real life Hong Kong stars Jackie, Sammo, and Yuen in yet another Hong Kong classic.

There are loads of humor and action sequences ready to keep you entertained.


19. The Karate Kid (2010)

The Karate Kid Jackie Chan Movie

Reboot of the American classic of the same name, The Karate Kid casts Jackie Chan in yet another deserving Sensei role. Apart from the usual action and comedy in all Jackie Chan movies, The Karate Kid also features breath-taking views and sceneries of Beijing.

The movie is also complimented by the acting of young Jaden Smith who, along with Jackie Chan, makes the movie worth the watch.


18. Shaolin (2011)


In this movie, Jackie Chan plays the role of a monk skilled at cooking who takes a warlord (Andy Lau) under his wings, and helps him transcend into a monk.

Though he makes a late entry, Jackie Chan’s comic character still succeeds in bringing good humor to a toned-down, redemption-seeking kind of movie.


17. Who Am I? (1998)

Who Am I

Image Source: Golden Harvest

Even after losing his memory and not having a single clue about his name, special force agent Jackie Chan still remembers his outrageous stunts and comic relief in this movie that is filmed in many far-reached, beautiful places around the globe.

Jackie is taken-in by an African tribe where he learns many new things to add to his resume and unknowingly, gets tracked down by different agencies.


16. Miracles (1989)


Jackie Chan writes in his autobiography that Miracles (a.k.a Black Dragon) is one of his favorite movies.

It shows Jackie’s passion for not only acting but also for directing, as he takes on a totally different front with a gangster movie. It has great storytelling, something to smile about for the average Jackie Chan follower.


15. Winners And Sinners (1983)

 Winners And Sinners

Image Source: mubi.com

Winners and Sinners is a Sammo Hung film in which Jackie Chan plays a side role of a cop chasing after crooks and five inept criminals who are the movie’s main characters.

The movie mostly has a mixture of short, comical and not-so-martial-arts fight scenes but the comedy aspect of the movie is just brilliant.


14. The Fearless Hyena (1979)

The Fearless Hyena

In this early work of Jackie Chan, he plays a young kung-fu hotshot who lives with his grandfather in a Chinese village. With his mischief and high level fighting skills, Jackie gets into a lot of trouble.

The fight scenes are finely choreographed and are one of the best. The ‘chopstick’ scene in the movie stands out the most. It’s a must see film for a kung-fu fan.


13. Rob-B-Hood (2006)


Jackie Chan doesn’t only steal one of the cutest babies in the world but also steals the viewers’ hearts with this performance. This blend of action comedy and drama will leave a tear or two in your eyes in the last few scenes of the movie when the baby almost dies and Jackie tries to save him by risking his own life.

The scene that follows is even a better one but we won’t spoil it for you!