7 Most Annoying Pet Peeves Of Successful Bloggers

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 25th, 2023
7 Most Annoying Pet Peeves to Successful Bloggers

Bloggers are people too. Of course, you know this already. However, you may not realize that most successful bloggers share a number of pet peeves. Irritating your favorite blogger isn’t too difficult. Just consider carefully whether that’s something you actually want to do or not, or their next blog might be about you. Here are the most annoying pet peeves of successful bloggers:


1. Liking Before You Read

So, “likes” and shares on social networks are great. Bloggers love them, and in many cases even live by them. However, if a blogger is taking the time to write something, they want you to actually take the time to read it. If you’re a friend or family member of a blogger, don’t simply hit “Like” or “Share” the second a post goes up.

They’ll notice, and realize that you’re not reading their posts. Who knows what they’ll say about you in their next update?


2. Single-Phrase Comments

Comments are also the lifeline of a blogger. But trust us, most bloggers really don’t want to see your comment that simply says “great job!” Instead, they want a response to their post that shows you read their blog. Asking a question or elaborating on why you think the post was awesome is the best idea.

If you can’t come up with more than a single-phrase comment, just back away from the comments section. It’s better to leave no comment at all than leave something silly and irritating that doesn’t add to the conversation.


3. Lying About Visits

Guess what? Bloggers can see who is coming to their site and how often. You don’t need to lie to your favorite blogger – they already know if you only stop once a month. If you’re telling them that you read their blog daily, you’re just irritating them.

Believe us when we say that bloggers are obsessive about checking their analytics. It’s like coffee… a blogger’s day just isn’t complete without a few analytics peeks.


4. Ask How Much They Make

Not all bloggers are in it for the money. However, even those who are probably don’t feel comfortable talking about how much money they make. Think about it – would you ask any of your other friends how much money they make? If not, don’t ask your blogger friend, either.

It’s just as rude to ask them as anyone else. Now, if you’re close enough to talk about this, and you’re truly interested, approach it in a way that shows you’re actually interested. No one likes to feel judged, so make sure that you’re careful about how you ask.


5. Spam Comments

Have you ever gone to a blog, read through it, and then get to the comments, and it seems like every other one is telling the blogger (or you) that you have to go to some strange site for more information, or for a special offer? Yeah, bloggers hate these as much as you do. They’re irritating to everyone. Many bloggers have spam filters on their comments, but it seems like they sometimes still get through no matter what you do (older blogs often don’t have advanced filtering options).

And even if you don’t see the comments, the blogger certainly has to scan through them daily. If you truly think that your favorite blogger would benefit from something you have on your website, give a legitimate reason why. Don’t just spam them with your link, or you may end up getting blocked from making comments anymore.


6. Idea Pitches That Don’t Fit the Blog

Idea pitches are great, as long as they fit within the blog category. If a blogger writes about technology, a blog post about the benefits of prepaid smartphone options is a great idea. However, this same topic probably wouldn’t fly on a blog about fantasy novels.

Whether they’ve asked you for ideas, or you’re giving unsolicited advice, blog posts should always stay on topic. Or, at the very least, they should be able to tie back into the main topic of the blog. This is especially true if you’re giving a pitch as a guest blogger.


7. Unsolicited Advice

Trust us, if your blogger friend hasn’t asked you how they can improve their blog, they probably don’t want you telling them all the ways you think their blog sucks. Unsolicited advice is a huge pet peeve of most bloggers. Sure, you have your opinions, but keep them to yourself, until or unless you’re asked. If you really think that something needs to change, and there’s a legitimate reason, bring it up carefully.

When you come across a successful blog, keep in mind these pet peeves. Staying away from them can help make your favorite blogger love you. It’s never a good idea to irritate a blogger, lest you invoke the wrath of the Interwebz. And if you haven’t ever seen that happen, rest assured it’s not a pretty sight.

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