Mobile Games: A Bigger Business Than PC Games

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 7th, 2019

Mobile Games: A Bigger Business Than PC Games

We all have been excessively playing games on mobile phones for the last couple of years either on iPhone or Android-based cell phones. Mobile games have emerged to be one of the biggest businesses in the world today. PC and play station gaming industry that was always claimed to be a bigger industry than Hollywood has been left behind by the mobile gaming industry which is continuously growing at a very rapid pace.

The mobile gaming industry has crossed $33 Billion mark and is expected to reach a record of $44 Billion in 2015 whereas the PC gaming industry is expected to rise from just $8 Billion this year to around $14 Billion in 2015.

According to a recent survey done on tabloid users, almost 84% play games on their tabloids. Over 68% of users spend more than an hour on their tabloid daily. The rising competition between iOS and Android is expected to give a lot more revenue to mobile game developers in the years to come.

Mobile Games Bigger Business Than PC Games