Mobile Apps To Jolt Your Productivity Levels

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 24th, 2023
Mobile Apps to Jolt Your Productivity Levels

It’s fun to be living in this technologically-savvy world today. There are so many gadgets, appliances, tools, and applications to help us work easier and live more fun. If you own a mobile device, chances are, you can’t live without them, right? You probably use them for work, entertainment, and for personal life. Here are some cool mobile apps to jolt your productivity levels:


Senti Wayk for Android

What better way to up your productivity levels than by getting up on time every day? Senti Wayk is not your average alarm clock. It’s a revolutionary alarm clock. For one, you don’t have to push a button to make it snooze. You just wave your hand. Remember the days when you had an annoying alarm clock that you wanted to throw to the wall every time it alarmed you? Well, gone are those days with Senti Wayk. You don’t even have to bother dismissing the alarm because Senti Wayk will figure that out.

Senti Wayk is also synced to your Google calendar so you know exactly what tasks are waiting for you at the start of the day. Morning paper? You don’t need it! You got feeds from your favorite sites waiting on your phone. You also wake up to a beautiful day with beautifully handcrafted weather icons.

How to use Senti Wayk? Very easy! With other alarm clock apps, you need to adjust the alarm tone, vibrate, and snooze length. With Senti Wayk, everything is fixed in one go. You also don’t need too many taps to set your alarm. The practical people behind this app made it so you can set your alarm with only 2 taps.

Senti Wayk is exclusively available on Android and retails for $2.


SwiftKey 3 for Android

Are you frustrated with the predictive text input of your Android device? Well, you haven’t used SwiftKey 3 yet. This is a smart keyboard that learns for you. It predicts your next word and auto-corrects you based on the sentences you type. It uses contextual predicting.

SwiftKey will learn the words you always use and how you use them to help you type faster. It also uses cloud-based personalization to learn from your Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and Gmail.

SwiftKey familiarizes itself with the way you type by adapting to your actual touch screen input. It doesn’t matter if you type slowly or fast. You can choose from the rapid and precise settings so that SwiftKey can adapt to your typing speed.

You can also type in 44 languages and use 3 languages at once so you don’t have to change settings for each language. Just type and SwiftKey will do all the corrections for you.

SwiftKey 3 retails for $3.99


FreshBooks for iPhone

FreshBooks is a cloud accounting app for small business owners. Time is a very important resource when you are building your business so FreshBooks makes it easy for you to access your important accounting files.

FreshBooks is very easy and simple to use on your iPhone. It makes quick work of your accounting and since you already have your phone with you questions for your accountant are only a phone call away.

As a small business owner, you tend to work anywhere and everywhere. This cloud accounting app makes your business file available to you on all your devices wherever you are. Don’t worry about your data as they are secure and backed up.

Billing is a breeze with FreshBooks. It helps you get paid as you can track your time wherever you are, log an expense on the way to the office or even bill your clients right in their office.

FreshBooks is free on the iTunes App Store.

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